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27 Mar

Top 6 Tips for Clearing the CISSP Certification Exam

The CISSP Exam is an influential way for verifying that you have acquires the knowledge, which a candidate is going to require for accelerating their career and become a member of a community of cybersecurity professionals. Also, the CISSP Exam isn’t easy enough to pass it out, unless you have the help of SPOTO Club’s CISSP Training Materials. 

Now, let’s have a look at the tips of Passing the CISSP Certification Exam

 1. Comprehend the procedure of Exam

While this might seem to be an easy thing, lots of applicants would often skip this very simple yet quite necessary step. Before even you begin the preparation of the exam, you are required to try it for the first thoroughly to understand it. You should visit the official website of (ISC)2 and gain all the required information regarding the certification 

2. Give Significance to Domain

Once you would be having a decent amount of knowledge regarding the exam, the next step is considered to be identified as the exam domains. You are required to read the official exam guide of (ISC)2 to gain the knowledge of the various domains as well as the number of questions that are going to be assigned for each domain. It’ll be quite simpler for you to create an appropriate study plan, once you have gained the idea regarding the information regarding the CISSP Exam.

3. Formulate a Study Plan and Follow It

Because of the extent of the topics which are going to come in the CISSP syllabus, you are required to formulate a good and reliable study plan. This study plan which you make should take into account a study calendar that would be counting down the day until you would be planning to take the exam. While each person’s experience, as well as the level of understanding, is quite dissimilar. It is, thus considered quite essential that you would be allocating ample time to read through the entire CBK. While going through the CBK, you are obligated to study, practice the mock exams, review topics that you are required for improving, and visit forums online so as to gain more insight. 

4. Participate in the Online Community Actively

The CISSP might have a big online community where applicants are supposed to come together for sharing their views. Even if you haven’t acquired any knowledge of a particular scenario, don’t inquire anything to the Participants. All you need to just go through Google and you are going to be surprised at the quite large number of forums that would be showing up. When it comes to gaining information from an online community, it is mandatory for verifying the reliability of the source.

5. Practicing Mock Tests

Practicing the mock tests with 250-questions is quite mandatory, which would be required to answer in 6-hours. You’ll have just a minute or two, for every question. This indicates that you wouldn’t require acquiring great knowledge of all the eight domains but a concrete understanding of time management as well as stressing management. The best way to tackle these challenges would be to give as many CISSP practice tests as possible.

6. Commence the Exam

As with any test, you are required to be assured to gain good sleep as well as arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes before you would be registering time. Take time for reviewing any flashcards as well as notes that you might have right away before the exam. Any breaks you take would be counted on to the six hours of exam time.


The CISSP certification is believed to be the lifetime education, so clearing the exam is just one level. For maintaining your CISSP certification, you would require to be recertified every three years as well as you are needed to gain continuing professional education. So, you will have to study a lot, while finishing the journey, and require a good and reliable training course like the SPOTO Club’s CISSP Training Courses.

27 Mar

Introduction To VPCs

Existing as one of the pinnacles of cloud providers, AWS Certification would be putting considerable efforts in strategizing security solutions for their clients. It would be having a great for concerning for Amazon for ensuring their clients wouldn’t be facing the data breaches utilizing their services especially when the data or the resources which would be shared with third parties. In this AWS VPC as well as Peering tutorial, we would understand what would be the VPC in AWS in detail as well as learning how to create a reasonably isolated network or an area within the AWS cloud which would be known as the Amazon VPC (Virtual private cloud). Before we discuss further, do check out the AWS Certification Training Courses which is offered at the SPOTO Club.

What is VPC in AWS?

Among all the services that would be offered by the AWS, Amazon VPC is considered one that would be providing an additional layer of security for all AWS services that you would be utilizing. AWS would be defining the VPC as ‘a service that would be enabling the users to launch AWS resources, like the instances, into a virtual network that would be defined by the users.’ This basically would be meaning that this service would be letting you utilize any of the services offered by AWS according to your needs in a sensibly isolated space in the AWS Cloud that would be defining. It would also be able to provide you full control over routing traffic to and from the instances of yours.

Components in Amazon VPC

For understanding the Amazon VPC, we have to have in-depth research on all the core components of VPCs.  Amazon VPC would be mainly consisting of the following components:

• Subnets

A subnet is believed to be the subdivision of a network. When a network is considered broken down into smaller sub-networks, or otherwise known as subnets, that process would be known as sub-netting.

• IP Address

While dealing with networking, you would often have to deal with IP addresses too. For that, you are required to have a basic understanding of what an IP address is. An IP address would be defined as a unique set of strings which would be composed of period-separated numbers that would be able to identify each computer that they would be associated with. Every instance in AWS would be gaining two IP addresses, namely, a public IP address and a private IP address.

• Route Table

As it would be mentioned earlier, VPC in AWS would be able to provide you full control over the traffic. To do that you would require having route tables. A routing table would be consisting of rules that would be utilized for determining how as well as to where the traffic would be able to be directed in a network.

• Internet Gateway

Internet Gateway is what it would be allowed to your instance, which would be launched in a subnet in your VPC, for connecting to the Internet. It would be letting the instance for accessing the Internet as well as the Internet and other resources, which would be outside of the VPC, accessing the instance. Internet Gateway is considered to be one of the most vital components of VPC.

• VPC Endpoints

VPC Endpoints would be utilized when you would be required to create a private network between your VPC as well as another AWS Service outside of your VPC without having to rely on the internet or VPN. Once an endpoint is created, it couldn’t be transferred from one VPC to another one or even to any other service.

If you wish to gain more knowledge regarding the AWS’s VPC, check out the training courses which are being offered at the SPOTO Club.

27 Mar

How about the PMP Certification Requirements in 2020?

If you would have to set your sights on PMP certification, you would be getting a bright future ahead! But getting PMP-certified would be considered as simple as clearing a test. You would be required to have real-world project management experience and education under your belt so you would be proving you would have to get what it takes to become a PMP. Also, if you wish to gain the PMP Certification in a single attempt, you should check out the training courses offered at the SPOTO Club.

What is the PMP exam?

Before we would be moving forward to the requirements of PMP Certifications, let’s first understand what actually the PMP Exam is. The PMP certification exam is administered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). Once your PMP certification application is believed to be accepted as well as you have paid the PMP exam cost, you would be receiving an email from the PMI with instructions as well as a PMP certification eligibility code for scheduling your exam at a testing center. Ensure to schedule as well as taking the PMP certification exam within 1 year so you wouldn’t have to reapply as well as begin the process all over again. The PMP exam is considered to be made up of 200 multiple-choice questions, as well as you would have 4 hours for completing the test. Right now, the PMP exam would be covering 5 project management domains:

• Initiating (13%)

• Planning (24%)

• Executing (31%)

• Monitoring and controlling (25%)

• Closing (7%)

In July 2020, the PMP exam would be updating with a focus on the below mentioned 3 domains:

• People (42%)

• Process (50%)

• Business environment (8%)

If you would be able to clear the test the first time, no need to worry! You would be able to take the PMP certification exam up to 3 times in one year.

PMP Certification Requirements

PMP Certification Requirements is considered to be based on the following 3 prerequisites:

• Years of Experience Project Management

If you would be working on multiple projects that would be overlapping in a single month, only one of those projects would be able to count toward your experience requirement. It doesn’t matter if some of your project management work would be going unpaid, as long as the experience you would have gained happened in a professional environment. Planning for the School or personal projects like planning your own wedding, wouldn’t be able to count.

• Hours Spent on Leading and Directing Projects

For this PMP certification requirement, it would be quite okay to count all the hours which would lead and directed projects, even if the work which would be overlapping. This prerequisite would be intended for cross-functional team projects where you would be considered responsible for every aspect as well as managed the project across the triple constraints of cost, time, and scope.

• Formal Project Management Education Hours

Before you would be applying for PMP certification, you are required to need to spend time learning the ins and outs of project management. Any course, workshop, or training session that would be covering core project management tenets as well as providing an assessment or certificate of completion which would be applying toward this prerequisite.

Here’s a breakdown of requirements of PMI’s PMP

PMP certification requirements: Bachelor’s degree or global equivalent

• 3 years which would be about 36 months of non-overlapping professional project management experience.

• About 4,500 hours spent on directing and leading projects.

• 35 hours of formal educations of project management.

PMP certification requirements: High school diploma, associate’s degree, or global equivalent

• 5 years which would be about 60 months of non-overlapping professional project management experience.

• About 7,500 hours spent on directing and leading projects.

• 35 hours of formal educations of project management.

So, if you have completed all these requirements and wish to gain the PMP Certification, you should check out the training courses which are being obtainable at the SPOTO Club.

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