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CCIE Security Lab
Sep 17, 2019
CCIE Security Lab
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CCIE Data Center Lab
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CCIE Data Center Lab
CCIE Data Center Lab
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CCIE Data Center Lab

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Section1 Cisco Data Center Layer 2/Layer 3 ConnectivityDownload Now

1.1 Configure a redundant RP for VXLAN BUM (Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, Multicast) Replication


The Multicast tree is currently build through DC1-N7K-2. Configure redundancy for BUM replication traffic by configuring a backup Phantom RP Candidate on DC1-N7K-1 using interface Loopback 254. Ensure Multicast is configured consistently between all the Nexus switches to support VXLAN between the Nexus DC1-5K-1, DC-5K-2 and Nexus DC1-7K-1 and DC1-7K-2.


N7K1-VDC1-V2 :

ip pim rp-address group-list bidir

interface loopback254

  ip address…

  ip ospf network point-to-point

  ip router … …

  ip pim sparse-…

N7K1-VDC2-V2 :

ip pim rp-address group-list bidir

interface loopback254

  ip address…

… …

  ip pim sparse-mode

Section2 Data Center Network ServicesDownload Now
Section3 Data Center Storage Networking and ComputeDownload Now
Section4 Data Center Automation and OrchestrationDownload Now
Section5 Data Center Fabric InfrastructureDownload Now

5.1 Troubleshoot Layer 3 Connectivity

DC1 (BGP AS 65501) and DC2 (BGP AS 65502) will need to advertise specific subnets to DC3 (ACI). This will be accomplished by peering BGP between the leaf switches and Nexus 7000s in Tenant core, vrf  vrf1, external routed

networks DC1 & DC2. OSPF is used to provide connectivity for the peering IPs. Use the following output of mgmt-sw interfaces connected to ACI LEAF-1 and LEAF-2 if needed.

  mgmt-sw#show ip


DIAG materials will be provide after book lab exam date

How to Pass My Lab Exam

CCIE Data Center Lab Exam v2.1 Materials Overview

CCIE Data Center Lab Exam v2.1 Materials consist of two modules: Configuration & Troubleshooting (CFG&TS).
Diagnostic (DIAG) CFG &TS module consists of five sections, every section’s practice duration about one week.
Diagnostic module has 2 sets, DIAG1 and DIAG 2.

CCIE DC Lab Exam v2.1 Study Progress

You can complete CCIE DC Exam v2.1 online training within 6 weeks if you practice SPOTO CCIE DC v2.1 lab material three hours per day. Tutors and service will assist you along the whole preparation. Every module we do provide workbooks, solutions, and tutorial videos. Watch tutorial videos first to get familiar with how to do on work; practice lab materials. Phase One: spend five weeks to practice CFG & TS module until no mistake Phase Two: spend one week to practice DIAG module until no mistake Phase Three: review two modules materials and confirm with tutor about exam.

Important Notes

The materials we provide by section delivery. We will send materials according to the study plan. You need to book lab date before you can go into Section 5

How soon can I receive the learning materials?
The followings will be sent to your email no later than 8 hours after verification of your payment.
Software and setup instructions
Learning Materials, including Workbook, Solutions
Study Plan
What materials is provided in the DIAG ?
key information about the topic
answer of every ticket
not provide diagram of debug.
How many remote rack hours are included?

Physical Remote Rack 100 hours You can purchase additional hours at USD$ 300 per 40 hours within your service period.

Is the environment of the rack practice the same as the examination ?

The environment in which you practice on the rack is the same as the exam.

how to open DC LAB workbook and solution?

All of the workbook and solution are encrypted documents,it only allow one pc to open it. We will send a guide to tell you how to open the workbook and solution.

Which operating systems are supported?


Is there a requirement for PC performance when remote access rack?

No requirements.

CCIE DC2.1 Rack Hardware:Fully Support Real LAB

•ACI Spine
•ACI Leafs
•Nexus 7k (SupE,F3 Support VXLAN)
•Nexus 5548UP
•Nexus 5672UP Double
•Nexus 2232PP
•UCS-6248 Fabric Interconnects Double
•UCS-5108 B-Series Chassis Double
•B-Series Blades Double
•C-Series Servers
•Storage Array

how to use remote rack?

You can schedule your practice time on our schedule system, it is 4 hours per session. you can schedule practice time of next week on Friday

How long is my service period?

Our standard service period is 2 months. In case you failed your first LAB-attempt within our standard 2 months, then SECOND LAB ATTEMPT IS FREE (must appear within or in 40 days) that you send us prove of your first failure, such as result screenshots with your full name on it. Please note we will stop all your services 3 days after your exam date if we were not notified of your free extension request.
You can also purchase additional month at USD $400 per month for a maximum of 2 additional months. You must apply within 2 months after your original service period expired, otherwise you have to re-purchase our standard service. In case you need a break during your service period, you can apply for account suspension for a minimal of 7 days. Please contact our tutor for any extension and suspension request.
We reserve the rights to terminate all the services in case we learned you have been sharing our materials with others. Thank you for your understanding.

What happens if the exam becomes unstable?

We make sure you will receive updated information and materials as soon as we learned any changes to the exam. In case we learned any major changes happened during your service period, your remaining service period will be calculated from the date we learned the exam becomes stable again.

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