Top 30 CCNA Interview Questions and Answers

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Top 30 CCNA Interview Questions and Answers

Today, the competition level is very high in the private sector and you will need to validate your skills with CCNA certification to find more job opportunities as networking and IT expert. After that, you would be able to appear in the interview process for the required job in the leading IT companies. You should check out the courses offered at the SPOTO Club, for better preparation. During your preparation, you can go through the top CCNA Interview Questions given below that will be very beneficial to crack the interview for CCNA job: 

Q1) How would you configure a cisco router to route ipx?

Answer: To initial things to enable ipx routing using by ipx routing protocol.

Q2) What are the ipx access-list?




Q3)What is subnetting?

Answer: It is called the process of creating a smaller network into large networks.

Q4) What would be the advantage of layered models in the networking industry?

Answer: A layered network would be offering lots of advantages. Allow the administrators to make the change in one layer without changes in other layers.

Q5) Why is UDP lease favored when it would be compared to TCP?

Answer: It’s because UDP is unreliable and unsequenced.

Q6) What are the standards of presentation layer?

Answer: It is the support which data ensures that data is presented correctly.

Q7) What is an easy way to remotely configure a router?

Answer: The most convenient would be to use the CISCO auto-install procedure.

Q8) What does the show protocol display?


Routed protocols that are configured

The address assigned on each interface

Q9)How do you depict an IP address?


Using dotted-decimal

Using binary

Using hexadecimal

Q10)Expand of HDLC?

Answer: High-level data link control protocol.

Q11)What is Bandwidth?

Answer: To refer to the capacity of the transmission of a medium, would be measuring how much of volume a transmission channel.

Q12) How are internetworks created?

Answer: created when networks are connected using routers.

Q13)How does hold-downs work?


It would be to prevent regular update message from reinstating downed by a link.

Removing that link from the update message

Q14)What are the packets?

Answer: Packets are the results of data encapsulation.

Q15)What are the segments?

Answer: Segments are considered as the section of a data stream that comes from the upper OSI layers.

Q16) Benefits of LAN switching?


Allows full duplex

Media rate adaption

Easy and efficient migration

Q17) Expand DLCI?

Answer: Data Link Connection Identifiers.

Q18) What are the types of the password used in CISCO routers?

Answer: Five types of password






Q19) Why is network segmentation to managing large networks?

Answer: Segmenting a network would help network traffic and ensures that high bandwidth.

Q20) How do access the recognizing the router information?

Answer: The hostname and the interface.

Q21) What would be the size of IPv4 and IPv6?


IPv4 -32 bits

IPv6 -128 bits

Q22) What is the process of DHCP?

Answer: It has done the process.

Q23) Mention the boot is?

Answer: To use computer networking protocol used to deploy an IP address to network devices from a configuration.

Q24) Mention the ranges for the private IPs?


Class a:

Class b:

Class c:

Q25) How many ways to access the router?





Q26) Mention the matric of eigrp protocol?







Q27) Mention the clock rate?

Answer: Clock rate would be the routers or DCE to communicate appropriately.

Q28) What command do you give router ios is called stocks?

Answer: Ctrl+shift+F6 and x.

Q29) What is route poisoning?

Answer: Route positioning is a technique of preventing a network from transmitting packets in route it became invalid.

Q30) Which route entry will be assigned to dead or invalid route in a rip?

Answer: 16 hops would be assigned to dead or invalid route making to unreachable.


These are some of the CCNA OSPF interviews the questions and answers, if you wish to have more, you could join the SPOTO Club and have it more.

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