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Free CFA ESG Exam 2024 Practice Questions, Dumps & Practice Exam

Exam name:Certificate in ESG Investing
Exam code:CFA ESG
Number of questions:100 questions
Exam format:multiple-choice
Exam duration:150 minutes


Passing the CFA ESG exam requires thorough preparation and studying with the right exam preparation materials. Rather than paying for expensive courses or study guides, you can access free practice questions, dumps, and full practice exams online. These free CFA ESG exam questions and answers allow you to evaluate your current knowledge and identify areas for improvement. Going through numerous practice questions is key to successfully pass the actual CFA ESG exam. Along with free dumps that contain possible exam questions, free practice exams simulate the real test environment. Review the exam questions and answers provided to understand what content might be tested. Use these free resources to improve your knowledge so you can pass the CFA ESG exam your first time. Accessing multiple free practice exams ahead of test day is an effective and budget-friendly way to prepare for the challenging CFA ESG exam questions and be able to successfully pass the exam.


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Question #1
1.What does the "G"in "ESG" stand for?
A. overnance
B. reen
C. rowth
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Correct Answer: A
Question #2
2. Which of the following best describes the concept of "carbon footprint" in the context of ESG investing?
A. he total emissions of greenhouse gases generated by an organization's activities
B. he amount of carbon dioxide released from fossil fuel combustion
C. he energy consumption of a company's operations
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Correct Answer: A
Question #3
3. What is the purpose of the "Sustainability Development Goals" (SDGs) established by the United Nations?
A. o promote social justice and human rights
B. o reduce poverty and inequality globally
C. o mitigate climate change and protect the environment
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Correct Answer: B
Question #4
4. Which of the following best describes the concept of "impact investing"?
A. nvesting in companies with high environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings
B. llocating capital to generate positive social and environmental impacts alongside financial returns
C. nvesting exclusively in companies that comply with international labor standards
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Correct Answer: B
Question #5
5. What is the concept of "divestment" in the context of ESG investing?
A. nvesting in companies with high ESG ratings
B. elling off investments in industries or companies with poor ESG performance
C. emoving capital exclusively from renewable energy projects
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Correct Answer: B
Question #6
6. ABC Company launches a project to install solar panels on its office rooftops, enabling clean energy and reduced reliance on fossil fuels. The project significantly contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting sustainable energy sources across six of its 10 ofice premises Under the "shades of green" methodology developed by the Center for lnternational Climate Research (CICERO), what is the most likely color assigned to this proiect?
A. rown
B. edium Green
C. eep Green
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Correct Answer: B

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