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10 Jan

How to Use Redhat to Redhat Exam?

While preparation, there’s just one questions that strike our mind every time we read a topic and that is that whether this question would come in the exam or not. Red Hat provides the answer to that question for each of the examination. Then you are not needed to look further than that of the Red Hat. For each exam they would offer, there is a corresponding page on the web that would be providing you the useful information on the exam, which also includes the exam objectives.

08 Jan

How red hat license works?

Below mentioned are just a few (of the many) benefits that included as part of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux License, that all enterprise customers should be aware of so as to manage stability and innovation within their organization, knowing that they are supported by Red Hat:

07 Dec

Linux system, the real advantages and learning methods

As a Linux enthusiast, in the Linux world can be considered a half-old driver, playing from the desktop to the server, from ubuntu to centos, from the computer to the router, a variety of fancy Linux games are slightly experience. The author is not a professional Linux player, I just Linux as a hobby and expertise, to my study and life add a lot of color.