How Much Does It Cost to Earn the CCIE?

How Much Does It Cost to Earn the CCIE?

There is no doubt that the CCIE certification exam is a difficult exam. No one thinks CCIE is expensive. But it is also an investment. As with any investment, it is important to know how much it costs to determine whether it is worth pursuing.

The following is each fee you may incur when you try to obtain CCIE, including study materials, exam fees and travel expenses.

The CCIE isn’t your first cert

First, it is important to remember that the CCIE is not in a vacuum. Technically, there is no prerequisite to participate in the CCIE, but no one will take part in the exam (or at least you should not). CCIE is a three-part expert-level certification, which assumes a considerable amount of knowledge. You can get these through the recommended (but seemingly low) three to five years of experience or more entry-level Cisco exams.

If you never have a certificate to start or want to have a comprehensive understanding of CCIE costs, CCNA and CCNP should also be taken into account. The following is the cost of Cisco invigilation:

All CCNAs are $300, except for the R&S track.

ICND1 and ICND2 are $165 each. The combined 200-105 ICND2 is $325.

All CCNPs are $300.

Add them up — and we get our first number. The recommended exams to CCIE, in certification exam costs alone, are around $650.

Similarly, CCNA is not the first certification of most people. Most professionals start with the CompTIA or Microsoft exam. Therefore, it may be a long road to CCNA and a long way to CCIE.

The CCIE has two expensive parts

The cheapest way to get the two-part CCIE is the first pass of two exams. It’s undefined not a trifle, it’s undefined certainly not the shortest route to success. The experience of large and complex networks for many years is the best way to learn these materials. Only after you reach this level of experience, you should consider accepting this certified beast from the beginning of the certification.

Written exam – $450 x times taken

Once you are ready for CCIE, you will start with the written exam. The CET 400 expert exam (also known as the CCIE written exam) is two hours, including 90 to 110 questions. Once you have successfully passed the written part of the CCIE, you can arrange the laboratory exam, which we will see below.

You have 18 months of written examination through the laboratory, the written exam is valid for three years. This is important because most people take experimental exams many times.

Lab exam – $1,600 x times taken

Take the CCIE written test in your rearview mirror. Are you ready to take the experimental exam? Maybe. Iundefinedm sure it's undefined hard for everyone who tells you about the lab exam. In fact, there is a number on the Internet, and the average CCIE requires 2.3 times the lab before it passes. $1600 per attempt, plus travel and accommodation (more about the following), CCIE lab exams cost $4900.

There is a ray of hope here. You can use the lab multiple times as needed without having to get the written part again. The written test is still valid as long as they try in three years. In the end, there is no cheap way to pass the lab, but the cheapest way through the lab is the first time to pass the appropriate preparation and the right learning material.

CCIE study material – $100 to $5,000

This is one of the most obvious places to start calculating CCIE learning costs. This is also where most of the money is saved. Learning materials are a potential major investment.

The cost varies widely. CCIE recruits training camp can easily cost between $2200 and $5000, excluding room and board. The cost of SPOTO CCIE R / S training is $840 a year. Sufficient resources are available. No one is free of charge. Or at least the good ones are not. If you like Kim Bartlett, CCIE#52158, then you will use them all.

CCIE practice lab equipment – $$$

As people on / r / homelab can prove, the price of the lab is as expensive as you want. Bare metals are also mostly replaced by virtual laboratory environments.

If you decide to use the DIY, bare-machine route, Cisco will provide a list of laboratory equipment and operating systems for each CCIE exam.

CCIE Security

CCIE Service Provider

CCIE Wireless

CCIE Collaboration

CCIE Data Center

CCIE Routing and Switching

But to be honest, it’s undefined easier (and cheaper) to virtualize or rent using CCIE unless you already have a lab. Prices vary from provider to provider, with some companies charging as low as $0.50 an hour, or $100 per hour.

Exam Travel and Lodging – $800 to $1,250 x times taken

Do we mention that Cisco only conducts exams in eight permanent test centers around the world? If you do not live in one of the cities, you will go to take the exam:

Bangalore, India

Beijing, PRC

Brussels, Belgium

Dubai, UAE

Hong Kong, PRC

Richardson, Texas, USA

Sydney, Australia

Tokyo, Japan

Cisco also operates the CCIE Mobile Lab, which provides exams for all technical courses. But don’t undefined get too excited. The status legend seems to imply that the date and location will not be confirmed immediately upon release. Public registration does not mean availability, and they seem likely to be canceled or delayed due to low school enrolment or other reasons. They seem to serve mainly international candidates in large urban areas, such as Moscow, Singapore or S ã o Paulo.

The test takes up to 8 hours, starting at 8:30 in the morning. Most people spend the night before the test. The last thing you want is to fly directly from a red-eye flight to your lab or to risk a delay and miss the start time. For this reason, at least one-night stay at the CCIE hotel, but maybe two.

Example off-season cost (in USD) for Richardson, Texas, location:

Hotel – $200 per night

Coach airfare from New York City – $200 round trip

Coach airfare from Anchorage – $600 round trip

DFW airport taxis – $60 each way

Meals – $66 per day (based on federal per diem)

Total travel cost for two nights: $800 to $1,250

Every travel schedule is different, so itundefineds hard to pay for your flight and accommodation, but you can make it easy to get up and down according to your way of travel.

Tallying up the Total Costs

Now that we know how much you can spend, let's undefined add everything and see how much you should start budgeting.

The cheapest scenario: $2,100

If you have passed these two tests for the first time, you have the lab equipment, do not buy any learning materials, and live in Dallas, then the CCIE only needs $2,100 for the exam.

The rosiest scenario: $3,900

If you first pass these two tests, virtualize your lab environment, use books and SPOTO to learn, and go to Dallas at a low cost, CCIE will cost about $3,900.

The study-heavy scenario: $12,000

If you pass both exams for the first time, buy or rent laboratory equipment, use books, SPOTO and recruit training camps, and then travel to Dallas, the cost of CCIE is about $12000.

The three-times scenario: $19,050

If you go to Dallas for the first time, but you have to take the lab three times, buy or rent lab equipment, use books, SPOTO and training camp, then CCIE will cost about $19050.

Want a real example? Looking at this article, members of the SPOTO learner community write about her experience and earn her CCIE security-money and time.

Time Commitment

Finally, there’s one other big often-cited cost of earning the CCIE — your time.

CCIE will be a full-time second career for at least six months to one year. We saw in great detail the time you should consider investing in CCIE in the previous article, and the results are very many. You must refuse to socialize and even consider taking a break from your hobby.

How to Reduce the Cost of the CCIE

There’s no inexpensive way to earn the CCIE, both in time and money.

The cheapest way to pass the exam is to pass for the first time, which greatly increases your short-term commitment. You need to understand both internal and external Cisco technology and cannot replace experience, practice and excellent learning habits.

While learning, keep thinking about what such certification can do for your career. After all your efforts and efforts, a raise will certainly help ease the blow, but there are more ideas.

Your career prospects will be open around you, and an exciting high level of work will be at your fingertips. CCIE is a major investment--once it’s undefined passed, there will be a considerable success.

if you want to get more detail about CCIE,  and you can join our CCIE Studygroup.

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