Top 30 CCNA Exam Interview Questions

Top 30 CCNA Exam Interview Questions

Cisco Certified Network Associate is considered to be the certificate from Cisco and it is an associate-level certification that would be very useful while you would be looking to find work opportunities in the IT department as a networking professional. If you wish to gain comprehensive details regarding all the questions, check out the courses offered by the SPOTO Club.

1. What is routing?

Answer: Routing is the process to find the right path to transfer the data from source to destination. The devices named routers are used for the routing process and these devices are network layered to complete the process.

2. What is the network address? 

Answer: The network addresses are used in packets. Each of the network address would be having the network path to identify the particular data link. It would be also having a node as well as the host path to identify the specific device.

3. Tell about the types of IP addresses used at present.

Answer: Two types of IP address is used including IPv4 and IPv6. IPv4 is 32-bit address and IPv6 is 128-bit address.

4. What is the purpose of the data link layer?

Answer: The data link layer is used to check the messages that are needed to be sent to the right device. Framing is another function of the data link layer.

5. What is a Node?

Answer: It is the connection point on the networks that are used for data transmission. It might be a computer, printer or any other device that could send as well as receive the data over any network.

6. What will be the function of the application layer in the networking?

Answer: The application layer is used to support the communication components of the application and it will provide the network services to the application process that will span beyond the specifications of the OSI reference model.

7. Tell about 100basefx.

Answer: It is one of the best CCNA interview questions that you shouldn’t miss during the interview preparation. 100BASE-FX is a version of faster Ethernet over the optical fiber.

8. State the advantages of using switches.

Answer: When the switch will receive a signal, it will create a frame out of bits received from that signal. In this process, it would be accessing and read the destination address as well as after that, it would be forwarding the frame to the right port.

9. What do you mean by a window in terms of networking?

Answer: In networking, a window is used for the number of segments that will be sent from the source to the destination before sending back an acknowledgment.

10. Is a bridge used to divide the network into smaller sections?

Answer: No, a bridge works to take the large network and filter it. It will not change the size of the network.

11. Which LAN switching method is used in the Cisco catalyst 5000?

Answer: In Cisco catalyst 5000, the store and forward switching method are used. It stores the entire frame to buffers and performs CRC check before deciding on the forwarding or not of the data frame.

12. What is BootP?

Answer: BootP is a protocol that is used for the booting of diskless workstations connected to the network. It is also known as a boot program. It is also used by diskless workstations to determine its IP address as well as the IP address of the server system.

13. What would be the advantages of LAN switching?

Answer: The main advantages of LAN switching are given below:

Very efficient and easy migration

Media rate adaption

Full-duplex data transmission as well as the reception

14. Can you explain the terms multicast, unicast, and broadcast?

Answer: It may be one of the important CCNA interview questions that you will face in the interview. The explanations of these terms are given below:




15. Can you differentiate static IP addresses and dynamic IP addresses?

Answer: A static IP address is reserved and it will not change over time. On the other hand, a dynamic IP address will be changed whenever you will connect to the internet. A static IP address is provided manually while the dynamic IP address will be provided by the DHCP server.

16. What is VLAN?

Answer: When you are looking for some of the important CCNA routing and switching interview questions and answers, you must know about the term VLAN. VLAN stands for Virtual Local Area Network, it abstracts the idea of LAN by providing data link connectivity for a subnet.

17. What is the difference between transmission and communication?

Answer: Transmission is the process to send data from source to destination and communication is the process to send and receive data by using the externally connected data cable.

18. Which one is considered as the second layer of the OSI layer model?

Answer: In some of the important CCNA interview questions and answers, you are required to know about the different layers of the OSI model. The second layer of the OSI model would be the data link layer.

19. What could be the possible ways for data transmission in CCNA?

Answer: In CCNA Certification, there might be three possible ways for data transmission which are given below:



Full duplex

20. Can you tell about the difference between IGRP and RIP?

Answer: RIP will depend on the number of hops for the determination of the best route to the network. In IGRP, several factors are considered to decide the best route to the network. In all these factors, there would be bandwidth, reliability, hops count, as well as MTU.

21. What do you mean by PoE?

Answer: If you wish to search for the most important scenario-based interview questions CCNA Certification, you should know about this term. PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, it would be used to pass the electric signal with the data at a time. 

22. What is a MAC address?

Answer: MAC address is used for Media Access Control address. This address of the device is used as the identification of the media access control layer in the architecture of the network. It is usually stored in ROM and it is unique for every device.

23. Differentiate between the terms ARP and RARP?

Answer: ARP is used for the Address Resolution Protocol that is used for the mapping of IP addresses to the physical machine address. RARP means the Reverse Address Resolution Protocol that is used for the mapping of the MAC address to the IP address.

24. What are the different kinds of passwords that are used to secure the Cisco router?

Answer: Mainly, 5 types of passwords would be utilized to secure the Cisco router. These passwords are given below:




Enable Password

Enable Secret

25. Tell about the main functions of routers.

Answer: In one of the common CCNA interview questions and answers 2018, you may find it an important question. The major functions of routers are given below:

Packet Switching: 

Packet Filtering: 

Internetwork Communication:  

Path Selection: 

Quality of Service:

26. Which are the two types of available cables?

Answer: At present, the following types of cables are available to use in networking:

Crossover cable

Straight through cable

27. What are the functions of CDP?

Answer: CDP is used for the Cisco Discovery protocol that is a layer 2 protocols and works based on MAC address. It is also used to find the adjacent Cisco devices.

28. Can you differentiate half-duplex and full-duplex?

Answer: In half-duplex, the communication would be occurring only in one direction while the communication would be occurring in both directions in full-duplex. It is one of the important CCNA Certification interview questions that you are required to know during the preparation for the interview

29. What do you mean by latency?

Answer: Latency would be considered the amount of time delay. It could be measured as the time difference between the time when the network would be receiving data and when it would be sent by another network.

30. What is MTU?

Answer: MTU is used for the maximum transmission unit. This term would be utilized for the maximum packet sizes that are being sent on the data line without the requirement of fragmentation. 

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