CCIE Service Provider written& lab exam updated to version v4.1

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CCIE Service Provider  written& lab exam  updated to version v4.1

The CCIE Service Provider written and experimental exams have been updated from v4.0 to v4.1. The update made minor changes to the subject of the exam, including the unified version of the written and experimental exams, and clearly listed the changes in the exam and the proportion of each exam topic.

The content of the change in the exam accounted for 10% of the entire exam. The high-frequency, small changes to the exam theme reflect Cisco's strategy for rapidly updating certification exams to address evolving new technologies.

The CCIE Service Provider exam format has not changed. The CCIE SP written Dump number (400-201) remains unchanged, the experimental exam format has not changed and continues to consist of three modules: troubleshooting, diagnostics, and configuration modules.

Compared with CCIE Service Provider v4.0, the exam topics are basically the same, except that Exam Theme 1 and Exam Theme 3 are merged into one topic: Service Provider Architecture and Services appears in the new version. Other exam topics are retained, but minor modifications will also appear in these topics. Finally, the weights of the exam topics have changed slightly:

The CCIE Service Provider v4.1 exam will continue to focus on dual-stack solutions for IPv4 and IPv6 technologies. All solutions, such as routing protocols, fast convergence and L3VPN, cover both IPv4 and IPv6 technologies.