CCIE DC Written & lab learning & summary experience

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CCIE DC Written & lab learning & summary experience

Let me talk about the CCIE DC written and lab. In the more than two years of work before the written test, I was exposed to server and storage products, including ISCSI SAN BOOT and FC SAN BOOT, which were used in actual work. Before that, I was a pure IP network engineer. 

You can imagine the hardships at the beginning, learn the concept of FC, FC networking, various interface definitions and function implementations, and so on. It really took a lot of time and effort during that time. Fortunately, I finally learned this new knowledge. Several projects have also been completed. Therefore, one reason is to learn some knowledge of storage and server; another reason is that DC has become popular in recent years, and many DC construction projects can be seen. So decided to participate in the CCIE DC written and lab.

I spent more than a year before and after preparing for the DC exam, because I was working hard and prepared to be really stressed. Staying up late was not a problem. According to the main requirements of the Cisco CCIE official website, I looked at some Cisco configuration documents, design documents, and I spent several months familiar with the entire DC architecture. This seems to be time consuming, but it actually allows me to better understand the various features, and improve the configuration speed when I actually get on the machine. After entering SPOTO, I also try to use the time of the machine, familiarize and verify the product features. If you have any questions, please contact the teacher immediately.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask "and you will not bother to explain to you; and I think the teacher's version of the video really needs to be watched! Especially before the exam, you can review the entire knowledge point in a relatively short period of time. Extra points! Of course, the most important thing is the computer experiment, repeated practice once and for all according to the test requirements.