How long to get CISSP certification?

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How long to get CISSP certification?

Are you doing your research so that you could take the plunge and get a CISSP certification? Are you unsure of the impact that the CISSP could have on your career? Well, all your doubts would be answered here.


We would be exploring the various reasons that why should the professionals would choose the CISSP Certification in the domain of information security, and the impact of this credential that they would have on you their career.


Let’s begin with the basics.


What Is The CISSP?

The certification is presented and devised by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or (ISC) ², which is a global non-profit organization that would be specializing in IT security. It is often termed as the world’s largest IT Security organization, (ISC) ² is going to maintain a Common Body of Knowledge for the domain and offers which various security certifications, that would be including CISSP, CAP, and CSSLP.


The vendor-neutral CISSP certification is the ideal for the credential that has proven deep technical and managerial competence, skills, credibility, and experience so as to design, engineer, manage, and implement their overall information security program in order to protect the organizations from increasingly sophisticated attacks.


The CISSP was the first credential that was developed in the field of information security. It was meant to meet the stringent requirements of ISO/IEC Standard 17024. Not only is the CISSP is considered as an objective measure of excellence, but it is also supposed to be a globally recognized standard of achievement.


Accordingly, after the consultation with certified CISSP professionals, exam-trainers, and industry experts, here I provide you with a list of the most important reasons that you should consider before adding a CISSP certification as your accomplishments:


1. Universally Recognized

The CISSP credential is an esteemed certification for most of the professionals and is meant to be highly respected by a majority of large, global majors like Google, P&G, IBM, etc. These organizations would be attesting to the fact that the CISSP certification is going to demonstrate an individual’s working knowledge of information security and their commitment to their profession.


2. Immense Popularity

According to the reports of (ISC) 2 from May 2014, indicates that over 93,391 individuals would have attained the CISSP credential in over 149 countries globally. Since its inception has been commenced in 1989, the CISSP has been considered as the most-popular IT security certification for over two and half decades, which would speak through the volumes of about the worth certified professionals derive from acquiring a CISSP and its relevance in a changing world.


3.  Age

As the oldest IT security certification in the world, the CISSP certification is considered as the grand-dad of certifications and has had almost three decades in order to develop, resulting in a vast body of know-how and expertise.


4.    Salary

According to the Global Information Workforce and Security study, CISSP professionals earn a worldwide average salary that would be ranging to over 25% more than that of their non-certified equivalent. Most of these surveys states that they would be ranked jobs for CISSP professionals at the also notes that the average salary for a female CISSP would fall between the range of $73,627 and $111,638, while the average salary for that of male CISSP professionals is between $78,788 and $119,184, which would make this the highest paying credential in the IT industry.  


Such Surveys are developed by the professional organizations and market research firms would be also indicating that the CISSP employees have earned more with a certification in hand (IDC, SANS).


In addition, the surveys that would be noting the salary-gap between members of the ISC2 and non-members would be continuing to widen.


So now you have gained all the required knowledge, and if you feel, that you can’t do it, then you should join the CISSPTOP Services, to gain their best training to clear this certification.