How long to pass CCNP Security Exam?

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How long to pass CCNP Security Exam?

CCNP Security Exam Prep:


The Cisco Certified Network Professional Security or CCNP Security for short is the certification that is going to be continued to be a top certification for the IT security professionals. As far security is concerned, the dominance of the industry as well as the employers are looking for the security professionals who have gained the credentials and experience in order to develop and maintain the secure networks. The CCNP Security certification is designed basically to line up with the roles and responsibilities for security in the routers, switches, appliances and networking devices, as well as deploying, choosing, troubleshooting and supporting firewalls, IDS/IPS and VPNs solutions for networking environments.


The CCNP Security is an intermediary level of certification for which there is a prerequisite of CCNA Security certification. Cisco systems provide you with a CCNP migration tool in order to help the learners to understand how their other Cisco certifications might provide you with the credit towards the CCNP Security certification. It is a recommendation that the learners should have around two to five years of experience and they should have earned for both the CCNA Routing and CCNA Security and Switching certifications. Additionally, the learners should have an intense working knowledge of Microsoft Windows.




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