Cisco CCIE/CCNA/CCNP career that you must to get kown it

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Cisco CCIE/CCNA/CCNP career that you must to get kown it

Everyone has a general understanding of Cisco ccie lab certification. It's time to take a look at the Cisco career part.

Those who previously had a CCNA certificate are mainly concentrated in the following companies:

System integrators, network integrators, small and medium-sized network application enterprises – most of the domestic enterprises are this type of enterprise; Internet services and operators; Cisco partners; government agencies and institutions.

The positions corresponding to the above enterprises are: pre-sales (post) technical support; network implementation engineers; small and medium-sized enterprise network administrators; network technical support personnel who perform desktop support work in medium and large enterprises; and sales channel partner sales representatives; Network personnel of the government and banks.

At present, CCNP certificates are mainly concentrated in the following enterprises: system integrators, network integrators; medium and large network administrators; ISP (Internet service providers); large and medium-sized enterprise network designers; Cisco Gold (Silver) agents and partners Corresponding to the enterprise, the corresponding positions of the above enterprises are: pre-sale (post) technical support; senior network engineer; senior network consultant and analyst; main customer representative; Cisco sales channel partner senior sales representative; technical project leader.

CCIE Routing and Switching and CCIE Security Certification are excellent market prospects. At present, routing and switching technologies are widely used and demand is high. Generally, technicians need to learn and adopt other CCIEs through routing and switching CCIE.