CCNP Collaboration study guide pdf.

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CCNP Collaboration study guide pdf.

CCNP Collaboration is job-role-focused training exams which educate and test the individuals working in the Collaboration industry either as a collaboration network engineer or similar job roles. This certification is for professionals with 3 - 5 years experience in a relevant field, as recommended by the Cisco. The candidates who are wishing to apply for this certification must have CCNA Collaboration or any CCIE certification which serves as the basic prerequisites for this program.


Just like other certifications offered by Cisco, CCNP Collaboration certification has created high demand in the market because every enterprise wishes to switch to the collaboration solutions offered by Cisco. So these employers also prefer giving chance to CCNP Collaboration certified professionals. However becoming CCNP Collaboration certified requires a lot of guts which are tested by the Cisco through this exam. The good part is that this certification is still achievable provided the individual fulfills his commitments with work and study.


Just like Cisco products and solutions, they have a track record in providing skillful resources in the market so they have a very tough criterion which many candidates failed to meet due to lack of their knowledge. This is because they set expectations and does not plan for this certification and eventually ends up blowing up their money as well as wasting up the entire time. So do not waste your time and money, take some time to plan. Consider options for managing the whole course tenure.


Try to consult Cisco experts in your nearby area, Cisco also has a resourceful community with certified experts ready to answer the questions related to every specific query. Once you have planned for this certification still you have to plan for your study schedule. You will have to access the CCNP Collaboration study guide in order to successfully go through these exams. The CCNP Collaboration certification has four exams. They are 75 minutes each exam where the individuals have to prove their skills by configuring and integrating options in Cisco Collaboration solutions, deploying them and troubleshoot them.


A few helpful resources are gathered in order to help CCNP Collaboration candidates to schedule their CCNP Collaboration study guide.


The first module is about configuring and implementing the Cisco Collaboration Solution at a single site. The individuals are tested for their skills as how they manage in deploying and configuring these applications at one single unit. The Second module is almost similar however the individuals are asked to configure these applications for multi-sites. The third module comes up with troubleshooting these solutions. The last one is about integrating these solutions with Cisco devices and other unified communications option.


Study resources for every module are available from the Cisco press, which provides latest study material from certified and trained staff. In addition, the individuals can also take assistance from joining any nearby institute where they are being taught by the certified instructors. The only aim is to get good hands-on practice either through instructor-led classes or through self-study plan. It is better to have a group with similar goals, so joining any institute is preferable.


The CCNP Collaboration certification can be done within three years. The individuals have to pass four modules in order to get CCNP Collaboration certified so the recommended option for passing in each exam is to take them one by one, prepare for each exam in sequence. Move to the next module/exam only if the first one is cleared or repeat the previous one until it is cleared. The cost per exam intake is 300$ with a total of 1200$ for the whole CCNP Collaboration certification. Following these study guidelines, anyone will surely qualify for the CCNP Collaboration certification.