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If you’ve been locked in one job title for a long time with little pay raises, it’s time to search for ways to upgrade your qualifications and earn a higher IT salary. Certification may make a tremendous difference in a field as dynamic as IT.

As the US IT employment market continues to rebound post-COVID, salaries have begun to rise as companies struggle to fill some roles. According to the wage survey released on June 15th made by IT employment consultancy Janco Associates, IT leaders in large corporations are getting the most significant raises, with a median increase of 3.2 percent. IT executives in medium businesses are earning 1.2 percent raises on average. IT professionals do better in midsized companies than in large ones for lower-level positions: Middle managers in large companies are getting 0.6 percent raises, while middle managers in midsized companies are getting 1.3 percent raises. Check Top 10 Best IT certifications for 2021

Many of the IT experts who now lead departments and corporations began their careers as technicians. Anyone who acquires knowledge and experience can advance in the race. One of the most effective ways to do so is to obtain a well-known and highly valuable certification from a respected organization such as Cisco Certifications. Network engineers that wish to advance in their jobs should pursue Cisco certifications. This blog will list out the Cisco salary at different levels and tips on how to pass Cisco certification to boost salary!

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Salaries for cisco certifications: earn more with the right certification

A Cisco-certified IT specialist earns around $70,000 on average. Senior engineers make an average of $96,000 per year.

average salary of Cisco

Your pay will be determined by some variables, including relevant experience and demonstrated abilities. Cisco certifications can provide both with a solid basis. Engineers with a desire to make more money should attempt to complete all these four levels:

Salary at entry level: CCENT

CCENT, or Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician, is the most common option. It certifies a technician’s ability to install, debug, and maintain a small branch network.

It has no qualifications and has a three-year validity period. Individuals who hold this certification can expect to earn around $60,000 per year. The CCENT salary ranges are typical of entry-level tech jobs. Technicians, front desk officers, and technical assistants are all examples of certified individuals.

Salary: CCNA associate level

CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, and it is an associate-level IT credential. CCNA certification certifies a professional’s essential job abilities and demonstrates network experts’ capacity to build and configure routers and switches for entire businesses and diagnose any network difficulties.

In today’s market, the average CCNA income is $80156. This can rise to $86,000 or more with additional expertise. Check the figure below from Payscale. You can see that different job titles result in different salaries, which is largly depnds on the expereince you have got!

CCNA average by job

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Salary: CCNP professional level

According to payscale, a worker having a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certificate may earn around $96,574 on average. Network specialists are in high demand in the computer business, and CCNP compensation figures are unsurprisingly high.

Enterprise infrastructure, Service Provider, Data Center, Collaboration and Security, and DevNet are some of the specializations available. Each of them provides up-to-date, cutting-edge information on the field.

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Salary: CCIE expert level

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is a worldwide recognized credential that can earn you an average of $128,484 per year. This certification provides the most up-to-date and valuable information on today’s most in-demand networking skills.

This certification is broken into specializations such as security, data center, and wireless like the others previously covered. Individuals who have earned this advanced certification can design, troubleshoot, implement, and construct extremely complex networking infrastructures.

salary comparison

*source: Payscale

From above chart, we can see that the average CCIE qualified person earns $125K, with Network Engineers earning $101K, Sr. Network Engineers earning $120K, and Network Architects making $140K. Also, the salary is much higher than that of non-certified professionals.

Cisco’s CCIE certification is regarded for being the world’s highest paid IT credential. You will be qualified for unique, lucrative, and exciting employment prospects within your area as a certified CCIE professional. For a six-figure salary, expert certification at this level is your best bet. Whether you select which track of CCIE like data center, enterprise infrastructure or security, most professionals may use these in-demand skills to earn a lot of money.

No economic industry can thrive today without a strong technological base, thus certified people will always be in demand and able to find job in any field. Because of the relationships you’ll build, the employment accessible, and the developing IT issues that lie ahead, this also leads to tremendous career progression.

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Next step: How to get Cisco certification fast?

The first step is to choose a training institution, such as SPOTO, that has 18 years of IT experience to help you prepare for the Cisco exam. SPOTO dumps are 100 percent accurate and cover all Cisco tracks.

Please take a look at the free practice exams and give them a shot! Engineers can choose from several sorts of Cisco Certifications. Selecting the proper one is mainly determined by the sector of expertise you desire and the requirements it entails.

How SPOTO Leads You to Cisco Certification Success?

SPOTO has specialized in Cisco Certification training for over 18 years and is committed to providing candidates with the most up-to-date knowledge.

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Our CCIE lab training course and Learning Path walk you through every topic covered on the tests, preparing you to not only get your certification, but also flourish in your job.You’ll never be left wondering if you missed a class or what to do next. Everything you need is already organized for you, so you can stay focused and keep track of your progress.  Breaking News: How SPOTO Candidates Pass CCIE EI Lab Again?

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SPOTO provides an in-depth, engaging training experience with a unique, proven education technique that combines expert instruction with hands-on exercises. You will remember information and build a deeper understanding of the technology if you quickly use your newly acquired skills.


Cisco certification is the gateway to your IT career and a stepstone for a higher salary! Among the competetive job market, IT professionals stand out from the crowds especially for those who have certifications as most employers regard certification as the hiring critieria! Furthermore, the higher level certification and expeience also lead to higher salary.

Start in CCNA certification, and opt for CCNP and CCIE level later! SPOTO always smoothens your certification journey with 100% real dumps and professional training and outstanding 7/24 online customer service!

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