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Cisco eliminated prerequisite tests for the Cisco Certified Network Professional tracks as part of its sweeping certification revisions, meaning network engineers will have a stricter bar to clear while taking CCNP exams. Download Cisco certificate pdf. For your CCNP Enterprise ENCORE exam, use the SPOTO ENCOR practice exam dump. Remember that this exam also serves as the new written qualification exam for the CCIE Enterprise.

The Cisco 350-401 ENCOR exam, also known as Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR), is covered by these practice tests. The ENCOR exam and course will teach you how to configure, debug, and manage enterprise wired and wireless networks. You’ll also learn how to apply security concepts to a business network and how to use solutions like SD-Access and SD-WAN to overlay network design.

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The ENCOR exam assesses your knowledge and skills in implementing fundamental enterprise network technologies, such as

• Dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) architecture

• Virtualization

• Infrastructure

• Network assurance

• Security.

This blog will list out 10 350-401 questions to help you know about the exam patterns and exam topics well! Try now!


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Question 1: Which DHCP option sends the wireless controller(s) address to the CAPWAP APs?

A. 43

B. 66

C. 69

D. 150

A is the correct answer.

Question 2: Which setup allows for secure and reliable message transfer to the default port while utilizing TLS for Syslog?

A. vrf mgmt transport UDP port 514 logging host

B. vrf mgmt transport tcp port 514 logging host vrf mgmt transport tcp port 6514 C. logging host vrf mgmt transport UDP port 6514 D. logging host

C is the correct answer.

QUESTION 3: In a Cisco SD-Access deployment, what role does a fabric edge node play?

A. uses LISP to encapsulate end-user data transmission.

B. connects endpoints to the fabric and forwards their traffic

C. links the SD-Access material to another fabric or external Layer 3 networks

D. connects the SD-Access material to another fabric or outer Layer 3 networks

C is the correct answer.

Question 4: What are the advantages of data modeling languages such as YANG?

A. They provide a defined data format, resulting in scalability and uniformity in configuration.

B. They make SNMP OIDs that are more secure and efficient.

C. They let programmers modify or create their programs within the operating system of the device.

D. They make the CLI more user-friendly and efficient.

A is the correct answer.

QUESTION 5 For a request with an invalid password applied to a REST API session, which HTTP status code is the correct response?

HTTP Status Codes:

A. HTTP Status Code: 200

B. HTTP Status Code: 302

C. HTTP Status Code: 401

D. HTTP Status Code: 504 

C is the correct answer.

QUESTION 6 Which mechanism does Cisco DNA Center employ to allow non-Cisco devices to be managed via southbound protocols?

A. It utilizes an SDK to develop device packs.

B. It interrogates the devices using an API request and logs the results.

C. It collects MIBs from each vendor outlining the APIs that are available.

D. It uses a CSV file to import available APIs for non-Cisco devices.

A is the correct answer.

QUESTION 7 Which additional security component configuration is required when configuring WPA2 Enterprise on a WLAN?

A. RADIUS server

B. PKI server 

C. TACACS server 

D. NTP server

A is the correct answer.

Question 8: What NTP Stratum level does a directly connected server to an authoritative time source belong to?

A. Stratum 0

B. Stratum 1

C. Stratum 14

D. Stratum 15 

B is the correct answer.

QUESTION 9 Which technology does VXLAN use to deliver Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic segmentation?




D. bridge domain

C is the correct answer.

Question 10: What are the differences between cloud and on-premise deployments?

A. Compared to on-premises deployments, cloud deployments are more configurable.

B. Compared to on-premises deployments; cloud implementations require fewer upgrades.

C. Compared to on-premises deployments; cloud deployments have lower upfront expenses.

D. On-premises deployments take longer to implement than cloud deployments.

C is the correct answer.


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