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SPOTO applicants obtain 10 CCIE passes on the first try after the reform from June to July 2021!

But how do you do it? Cisco CCIE certification from Cisco Systems is the most challenging and high-paying IT certification in the world. Millions of networking hopefuls join each year to become a CCIE certified expert, yet many drop out in the middle.

Without a doubt, the path to becoming a CCIE certified professional requires a significant amount of focus, commitment, and money. Besides, you should make great efforts to achieve success. Millions of Cisco aspirants lack suitable guidance and, as a result, fail to reach their goals.

We’ve discovered an important secret on the Top 10 CCIE Exam Passing Tips. Today, we will unveil that secret and lead you through the CCIE exam preparation process. Not only will we provide advice, but we will also discuss the dos and Don’ts that you must follow if you want to take the CCIE exam.

“It takes an average Networking Professional 7-10 years to achieve a CCIE, and many people dream about it their entire lives. Students from SPOTO boost their salary to $128K with CCIE certification.”

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Tips for passing the CCIE exam on the first try –

1. Locate an Appropriate Cisco CCIE Training Institute

Remember that choosing a suitable and trustworthy institute is the most critical factor in achieving success. There are around 10,000 Cisco training providers worldwide. However, only 4-5 top ones can help you pass the CCIE lab exam. We have assisted over 2100 applicants in passing the CCIE EI/DC/SEC/SP lab on the first try.

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2. Receive training from CCIE-Certified Trainers Only

Learn from CCIE certified trainers since they can best advise you. As a result, selecting the correct training facility or trainer is critical to achieving CCIE success. Remember that learning from a CCIE certified trainer is the ideal option because they have traveled the same path and are therefore familiar with the Dos and Don’ts of the field.

3. Learn alongside CCIE aspirants. Every minute, be inspired.

It is essential to devote more than 100 percent effort and commitment to the CCIE Exams for a year to pass. And it’s crucial to be surrounded by CCIE aspirants who are on the same path if you’re going to focus for such a long period. Plus, CCIE-certified trainers can not only answer your questions but also help you with their knowledge. If feasible, form a group of 4-5 students who are solely dedicated to completing the CCIE lab exam in the same stream. Join the SPOTO CCIE lab study group to stay up to date on exam news and study plans.

4. Take Mock Exams Before the Real Exam

After completing your CCIE course instruction, you must conduct a short review, brush up on your skills, and take mock CCIE tests. This will prepare you for the questions and practical exam. With each mock exam, you may improve your time management, learn to complete configurations faster, and master the Q&As.

Download free CCIE EI workbook and solution!

CCIE Workbooks and solutions

5. Practice, Practice, and Practice on Real-World Lab Infrastructure

Practice makes perfect, and it will make you perfectly ready for CCIE examinations. CCIE examinations include an 8-hour lab exam where your actual skill level will be examined. That is why hands-on experience with real-world gadgets is essential. Avoid using simulators for practicals, which is why lab infrastructure is an important consideration when selecting a Cisco CCIE training facility. SPOTO has the best Cisco lab simulator that can help you pass your CCIE exam easily.

6. Read Books, Cisco Docs, and Other Related Learning Material

SPOTO has in-house workbooks that are like gifts for SPOTO students. Instead of relying on a single book, read from a variety of sources. You can look for Cisco documentation, press books, SPOTO workbooks, online content, and so on. We ensure that workbooks will pass.

7. Concentrate on Developing Expertise

CCIE is all about having a comprehensive understanding of technology. In truth, CCIE examinations are meant to assess a candidate’s practical and theoretical knowledge. Gaining experience in CCIE modules is critical, and this can only be accomplished by daily training and practical application of the same module. If possible, you should spend 8-9 hours per day.

SPOTO provides the most comprehensive lab study plan to allow you to experience an actual lab environment! Here is the study plan of the CCIE EI lab:

8. Take one task at a time and reread Task

Never combine two duties. Take your time. Consider only one task at a time. Students typically become stressed and overthink when taking their CCIE lab exam for the first time. Top CCIE Gurus and Lab Mentors recommend that you focus solely on that activity when executing a task in your lab exam. Reread that task one more. Only that question contains the answer. If your notions are clear and you reread the task while focusing on the current task, the solution will come to you naturally.

9.Keep up to date with the Official Curriculum and the most recent workbooks.

It is critical to stay up to speed with the official Cisco curriculum and the most recent practical workbooks when preparing for the Cisco CCIE Lab Exam. Because the CCIE syllabus is updated as technology advances, it is critical to be aware of the most recent advancements in networking.

10. Time management, speed, and familiarity with references are all critical.

You must have hands-on technical skills and a high rate of speed to pass the CCIE lab examination in one sitting. Because the concepts and topologies are complicated, it is best to slowly and gradually increase your speed. Time management is critical in the exam, and because it is an open book exam, attendees must know the correct references for commands and instructions.

At SPOTO, students are trained in all ten criteria described above, which is why we have the most remarkable CCIE 1st attempt success rate. Along with these CCIE exam tips, there are a few Do’s and Don’ts that applicants should be aware of.

Dos and Don’ts of CCIE Exam Preparation 

CCIE Exam Dos

  • Arrive at the examination center half an hour early; you can also locate the center a day ahead of time to avoid any last-minute snags. CCIE is reopening in several regions now that the plague has subsided to some extent. You can also purchase SPOTO CCIE lab dumps now and begin service as soon as your lab center reopens. We will keep your service and study materials up to date whenever the exam changes! So don’t be concerned! The earlier you start, the better acquainted you will be with the lab exam structure, questions, and surroundings!
  • Carefully read the questions and plan your strategy correctly.
  • Paying close attention to the proctor is also essential in exams.
  • Before tests, double-check all consoles and confirm that all devices are accessible and functional.
  • If in doubt, contact the proctor and explain the circumstance to them.

CCIE Exam Don’ts

  • Don’t panic; it’s a difficult exam for everyone, and everyone gets apprehensive. Maintain your calm and do your best.
  • Do not squander time due to lengthy pauses, lunch, or other obligations. Every second count.
  • Don’t simply concentrate on theory; grasp the practical aspect of preparing as well.
  • Never, ever utilize simulators for practical CCIE preparations; ALWAYS opt for a real-world setup.


Attendees at SPOTO have the opportunity to focus on each technique, and we ensure that they are 100 percent prepared for the exam with many mock exams, genuine workbooks, and solutions. Technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you in resolving any issues that may arise throughout your studies! Examine our benefits over the competition! We hope that this will be of use to many CCIE candidates.


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