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Cisco is around 200 percent positive that the technology is essential to the industry when carrying out one of its tests. Thus, it is time to study technologies that define software, such as software-defined WAN.

As more organizations strive to minimize network complexity and simplify workflows, SD-WAN and software-based solutions will grow more popular and enhance the chance of SD-WAN training for networking experts. According to writers Jason Gooley and Dustin Schuemann, Cisco incorporates SD-WAN on its three primary tracks of certification — Cisco Certified Network Associate, Cisco Certified Network Professional, and Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert. Regardless of the certification path of a network engineer, SD-WAN certification training is essential.

For the preparation of these exams, candidates should have a basic understanding of SD-WAN technologies besides exam topics. The following 10 questions provide insight into what Cisco needs in its training in SD-WAN certification. Also read: How to prepare for the Cisco 300-415 ENSDWI Exam? Complete Guide

Although some network engineers don’t think SD-WAN training is the way for them, this information might be helpful because it offers a way of advancing their work and educations and because many organizations will eventually deploy SD-WAN technology they haven’t already — in their network environments. As the industry leads to software, network experts are also good at developing these talents.

Start with this SD-WAN quiz to see what you know about and yet need to know about the technology with this SD-WAN certification course. Find out SD-WAN course details or SD-WAN exam practice questions.

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Take these SD-WAN exam questions now!

1. What may be utilized to build device templates via two methods?


B. Templates of Feature

C. On the device directly

D. Several templates of CLI

E. A and B

F. B & D

Answer: E


Device templates can employ either function templates or CLI templates, but not a mix of the two. The whole device settings must be used when using a CLI template.

2. What are the three types of devices which can be utilized for function templates?

A. Global

B. Default

C. Automatic

D. Imported

E. Variables

F. A, C, D

G. A, B, E

Answer: G

Details about the answer:

Feature templates can be set with three different types of values. If globalization is used, the value of the field is the same everywhere it is used. The default value will utilize the default field value. Variables enable the network administrator to provide a parameter on a device-based basis without additional templates being needed.

3. Multiple device kinds are supported via device templates.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

More on the reply:

Device templates are unique to various sorts of devices. For different product versions, separate device templates must be used.

4. CLI templates can be utilized with the same freedom as the feature templates in a modular structure.

A. False

B. True

Response: A

More on the reply:

CLI templates are not as flexible as function templates. The whole CLI configuration of a CLI template must be present.

5. Which automatic communication technique uses HTTPS?

A. Plug & Play

B. Zero touch provisioning

C. NAT traversal

Answer: “A”

More on the reply:

For communicating to the server of PnP, the plug and play operation requires HTTPS.

6. To succeed in automatic supply, which three things must a gadget have?

A. IP and DNS server through DHCP

B. You can solve the domain name of ZTP/PNP

C. ZTP or PNP server connectivity

D. Tunnel for IPsec

E. Datacenter connectivity

F. A, D, E

G. A, B, C,

Answer: G

More on the reply:

A device must receive an IP address and DNS server via DHCP to ensure that automatic provisioning succeeds. After the device receives this information, or must be resolved and connected.

7. Every 10 seconds, VRRP advertising messages are sent by the vEdge platform. What value is set to the default timer by the router?

A. Two sec.

B. Five sec.

C. One second

D. Three seconds

Answer: C

• Reference: Documentation/vManage Help/Release 18.3/Configuration/Templates/VPN Interface Ethernet

8. What are the two services essential for the onboard supply of zero-touch? (Two pictures)






Answer: DE

9. When redistribution is configured on two direct linked DC sites, between OMP and BGP, what step does not learn the same way on WAN Edge routers?

A. On Edge routers on DC1 set down-bit

B. Define several VRFs for both DCs

C. Set OMP administrative distance below BGP administrative distance

D. On both DC WAN Edge routers, set the same AS overlay

Answer: BD

10. To enable the zero-touch onboarding procedure, whatever PNP/ZTP device information is required?

A. Chassis and serial numbers

B. Address IP interface

C. Entry of Public DNS

D. Address of System IP

Answer: A


SPOTO SD-WAN Training Course

1、SDW-L1 SD-WAN Elementary Course

1.1、Introduce SD-WAN and Cisco SD-WAN Solution(2 hours)
1.2、SD-WAN Deploy(2 hours)
1.3、OMP(Overlay Management Protocol)explanation(2 hours)
1.4、SD-WAN Data and segmentation(2 hours)

2、SDW-L2 Software Defined Network And SD-WAN Advanced Course

2.1、SD-WAN Lab and ZTP(2 hours)
2.2、SD-WAN Policy(2 hours)
2.3、Route And AAR(2 hours)
2.4、ZBF And High availability(2 hours)


1、DEV-PY Infrastructure Automation and Programmability

1.1、Ready(2 hours)
1.2、Interface test basics(2 hours)
1.3、Postman(2 hours)
1.4、Python Interface test(2 hours)
1.5、Extension introduction(2 hours)

For more details, contact us and join us for future career enhancement!

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