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If you plan to take the CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE certification exams, you will require making sure that you would be preparing for them properly. When you are studying for these tests, you should utilize the network simulators and choose the correct Cisco simulator. It is considered impossible for you to test each Cisco simulator, which is why you would have to rely on popular commendations.

Before moving any further, you are first required to understand what a network simulator is. As the name suggests, a simulator means the software that would simulate a network topology. The network devices in this software aren’t real and are only designed to help the students understanding how networks would work. Network simulators play an essential part in helping candidates prepare for Cisco certification exams by giving hands-on experience and mastering networking concepts. We will explore the features, pros and cons, comparison and comparison of five of the top network simulators: Boson NetSim, GNS3, Cisco Packet Tracer VIRL NG and Eve-NG as well as explore additional simulation software options and give tips and tricks for effective exam preparation. If you are going to pursue the CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE certifications, you will need to find the correct network simulator. Before we discuss them further, you should also look for the SPOTO Club Cisco Exam Dumps to achieve the desired results.

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Here would be the list of 5 best Cisco simulators:

EVE-NG is the contraction of Emulated Virtual Environment Next Generation. It is a virtual network simulator that would be available in two variations. One is the community edition, which you could have for free, but if you are looking for more features, you will gain the Professional Edition, which comes for $110 per annum.  It is known for its scalability and flexibility, supporting multiple hypervisors as well as running on commodity hardware. Thanks to its community approach and extensive device support, Eve-NG makes an effective tool for Cisco exam preparation.

VIRL is short for Virtual Internet Routing Lab, and it is believed to be a virtual network simulator that is intended for individuals and organizations. VIRL is considered to be very similar to Cisco Modeling Labs, and it would be operating similarly to GNS3 when it would be coming to the client/server model. It is a commercial network simulator offering virtualized environments to simulate complex network topologies, supporting Cisco devices as well as offering features like virtual machine integration and network automation. Unfortunately, its price may be an obstacle for certain users.

3. GNS3
Graphical Network Simulator-3, otherwise known as GNS3, is a free and open-source network simulator. It is considered to be based on Python and mainly relies on software known as Dynamips for the emulation of Cisco technologies. It enables users to simulate complex networks using real Cisco IOS images. With a highly customizable environment and highly experienced support from developers, this simulation platform makes GNS3 ideal for advanced users. However, setting it up requires technical knowledge as well as access to Cisco IOS images.

4. Boson NetSim
Boson NetSim is an additional network emulator that simulates Cisco routers and switches. Boson is effectively an IT training organization that is known for its Cisco certification preparation process. Boson NetSim provides a complete suite of simulation tools, from virtual labs and device configuration to network troubleshooting scenarios. With its user-friendly interface and extensive library of simulated devices, this simulation software has become popular among Cisco exam candidates.

5. Cisco Packet Tracer
As the name suggests, Cisco Packet Tracer is considered a Cisco-provided network simulator utilizing the Cisco routers and switches in its simulation. It is considered to be one of the best emulators out there. It is an educational network simulator developed by Cisco that features a user-friendly interface and wide variety of Cisco devices as well as network protocols that can be emulated, yet its feature set may be limited compared to other simulators.

Pros and Cons Comparison:

Boson NetSim offers comprehensive tools, user-friendly interface and extensive library. However, this application is not open-source and may incur license fees.
GNS3: Fully configurable and capable of supporting real Cisco IOS images. However, its steep learning curve requires additional configuration steps for maximum effectiveness. Packet Tracer by Cisco offers user-friendly features suitable for educational use but may have limited device support and features.
VIRL supports complex network topologies with advanced features like virtual machine integration. However, as it is a commercial product it may be costly. Eve-NG: Scalable and flexible platform supporting multiple hypervisors; requires technical knowledge for setup and configuration.
Additionally, additional network simulation software solutions like Opnet, NetSim by Boson and BOSON ExSim-Max may provide additional features and simulations that enhance exam preparation for Cisco certification exams.

Tips and Tricks:

Gain familiarity with the features and limitations of your chosen simulator. Utilize official Cisco documentation and resources to deepen your understanding. Join online communities or forums in order to share knowledge or obtain assistance.
Simulators offer the opportunity to simulate real world situations and employ effective troubleshooting techniques, while offering continuous updates of simulator software with available patches.


These would be some of the best network simulators, and if you would be thinking about going for a network-related certificate, you will need one of them. If you are commencing for the certification exam, one of these emulators will significantly facilitate your life. With these preparation tools, you can test out several network scenarios and understand how data would be moving through different networks. There will be tremendous more network simulators, but they would have their pros and cons. If you would be sticking to this list, you will find an emulator that would be having the least problems and would be working well for the most part. Chose the one or two you like the most and use it (them) during your preparation for any Cisco exam.

If you wish to have the Cisco CCNA, CCNP, or CCIE certifications in a single attempt, you must obtain the SPOTO IT Exam Dumps along with these simulators to get the desired results. SPOTO IT Exam Dumps are created by expert trainers who have about 17 years of experience in their respective fields.

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