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Remember how simple our early grading system was? 90% to 100% correctness will be rated A, 80% to 89% will be rated B, etc. If the highest score on the exam is 92, you know that you will get about 92% of the possible points.

Later, college preparation exams were introduced, which changed the perspective of exams. I often ask AWS certified participants what it means to score on a scale, especially a score.

In this article, SPOTO will share the AWS exam passing scores and tell you what AWS pass percentage is; then, you will have a basic knowledge about the score and further prepare for the exam.

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Here, we will give an overview of the AWS exam scoring:

Get your score

After taking the AWS certification exam, you will access the score report through your AWS certification account.

Assume that the candidate scores 836 points and will be awarded a certificate because the passing score is about 750 points. The report will also prove that the possible score range is 100 to 1,000. However, since this is a calibration, 836 does not mean that candidates answered about 83.6% of the questions correctly.

What does the scoring system mean?

When there are multiple sets of questions or formats for the same exam, it is usually scored on a proportional basis. Different candidates may take the exam in different ways when they complete the exam. Although each form must be built according to similar specifications, the question’s overall difficulty will be slightly different. Hence, AWS uses scalable scores to provide comparability of cross-form reports. The same scale score represents the same level of knowledge, regardless of the number or difficulty of the questions answered.

As you will see, because Form B’s questions are more complicated than those on Form A, candidates participating in Form B are required to answer fewer questions correctly to be certified. Form B is considered more difficult. It will be unfair to candidates who see more difficult questions if the original passing score is not adjusted.

For AWS certification exams, all professional-level and professional exam passing scores are considered 750 points. Since the skills and knowledge tested in these exams are very different, for example, the SysOps Admin is widely regarded as the hardest AWS Associate exam, the raw scores are also other. However, the calibration score will be considered the same. For the associate degree exam, the passing score is about 720; the basic level exam is 700.

Another reason behind Amazon’s use of balanced scoring is to ensure that test-takers’ scores are consistent between test versions. Suddenly, although our current AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Assistant Exam (SAA-C02) has completely different questions from the previous version (SAA-C01), the passing score is still considered 720.


So now you know the passing score of the AWS exam and how it is scored. If you wish to obtain the same certificate, you must check out the SPOTO AWS exam dump to successfully prepare for the AWS certification exam.

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