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The holder of the AWS Solution Architect certification is usually part of the solution development team. They are responsible for designing one or more services or applications within the organization. The solution architect would be required to have both business and technical skills in the proper balance. He or she would often be working with an enterprise architect for the strategic direction. The focus is mainly on the technical decisions regarding the solution and the impact that they are going to have on the business outcomes. The development team utilizes the information for the implementation of a solution.

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Solution architects would require the process and people skills. More often than not, they would be necessary for explaining complex problems to management in the simplest possible terms. They are required to explain the same thing differently, depending on their audience. Of course, they would have to understand the business procedures well for generating an interconnected product vision.

The solution architect’s project participation would be beginning when the computer systems analyst is developing the requirements. After that, their involvement would be continuing throughout the rest of the project. The development task would be organized by them, guiding and motivating the development time during the systems development life cycle. Ultimately, their primary responsibility is considered to be regarding the vision, which would be underlying the solution and executing that vision.

A solution architect might also have to look after testing, programming, and integration of software systems and devices. They would be utilizing processes that usually involve selecting technology that would be suitable for a problem. They also require maintaining a balance between architectural concerns and enterprise concerns.

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Skills Required to become a Solution Architect.

The role of a solution architect would be a technical one and will involve the translation of functional requirements into robust solutions. Individuals who would be looking forward to gaining a job as a solution architect must possess AWS solutions architect certification as well as have a relevant degree along with specific skills, which would be including:

• Technical literacy: A high level of technical literacy would be required to become a solution architect. It would be allowing them to figure out how a particular solution would fit with the organization’s current structure. They also require assisting the development of requirements as well as specifications.

• Analytical assessment: Solution architects would be required to examine the client’s current system, which would be involving extreme analysis. They also need to analyze to determine the overall scope and requirements of the project.

• Managing schedule: Correct time management skills would also be required for determining milestones as well as scheduling for development and ensuring timely completion of deliverables

• Leading the team: Solution architects must know about motivating and leading since they would be overseeing the development teams directly throughout the development lifecycles of projects.

• Communication skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, would also be required since the role would be involving communication with clients, external vendors, as well as team members.

• Solving problems: The system limitations or client specifications could change during development. Solution architects would require utilizing their problem-solving skills for changing directions quickly as per the updated requirements or limitations.

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