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Which is the hardest AWS certification?

Of the major AWS certifications, the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification is considered the most challenging to obtain.

Considerable hands-on experience with AWS is recommended before attempting the DevOps Pro exam. At least 2 years of production experience using AWS is advised. The knowledge domains cover a wide range of AWS services including advanced topics like performance tuning, cost optimization, and infrastructure automation.
The exam is 180 minutes with around 60-65 questions. Pace yourself as some questions can be complex. Passing score is 750/1000 and exams often see low pass rates. Thorough preparation is crucial. Requires passing the SysOps Administrator and Developer Associate exams first. Earning the DevOps Engineer – Professional certification demonstrates the highest level of cloud operations skills. While difficult, proper training, hands-on practice, and taking a structured approach to studying will go a long way in being fully prepared.

Solutions Architect Associate Medium
Developer Associate Medium
SysOp Administrator Associate Little Hard
Solution Architect Professional Hard
DevOps Engineer Professional Very Tough

So, we got the easiest beginning with AWS Solution Architect Associate, and we have the AWS DevOp Engineer Professionals at the end.

The ultimate purpose of obtaining AWS-level certifications is to demonstrate and authenticate their technological cloud expertise and abilities and be qualified to work as a cloud practitioner. If you need to grow your skills and want to be a cloud or IT management pro, you can go for a different AWS-certified program and clear the exam to get a better job in any organization. Let us look at the details and information about various AWS certifications and the best platform to study for AWS exams.

Answering this question will always be subjective, and it would depend on who you are asking this question!

While determining the difficulty of an exam would always going to be involved an element of subjective opinion. It is considered fair to say that the exams would increase the difficulty as you progress through the hierarchy of the AWS certification. The Cloud practitioner is the easiest. Finally, it ends with the professional level exams, which pose the most challenge.

We have gone through lots of reading and have referred a whole host of forum posts, AWS FAQs, and accounts from people who would have cleared one or more of the AWS certifications as research so that we could come up with a better answer for this question. So if you would be interested in finding out exactly what work would be involved in clearing the exams and which AWS certifications you could bag in the shortest amount of time, then keep on reading.

CategoriesExam Code100% Pass Dumps
CLF-C01/Cloud PractitionerCLF-C01/Cloud Practitioner
SAP-C01/Professional SAP-C01/Professional

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Not all exams would be created equal.

We have touched on this in the intro, but to give it a thought, we have to go through this again to state the obvious. The higher you progress through the exams, you would typically be able to find the difficulty and the amount of study required to get a passing grade would be increasing. That being said, there would be strategies and options you could take and precisely an order to take the exams that would give you the best chance to clear the first time.

Currently, AWS would be offering seven regular as well as three specialty certifications. With the regular certifications being the ones you are most likely to take at first. The regular certificates would be split into three distinct learning paths, emphasizing what skills AWS feels would be beneficial to some specific job roles. Those roles would be Architect, Developer or Engineer & System Administrator, or Engineer.

Different AWS certifications and their details

The exam includes a range of question types as well, including scenarios, brief responses, MCQs, and mark reviews. They take the longest because of this. Consider that a score of 700, 720, or more is necessary to pass the test. In addition to other languages, the exams are available in English, Korean,  Japanese, and Chinese.

The AWS certification comes with different AWS programs and levels. All of the programs are categorized into the following levels:

Foundational Level:

1.       AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 90 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The cost of the foundation-level exam is 100 USD

Associate Level:

2.       AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

  • Exam labs, MCQs, and MRQs based
  • 180 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The cost of the SysOps associate level exam is 150 USD

3.       AWS Certified Solutions Architect

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 130 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The cost of the SysOps associate level exam is 150 USD

4.       AWS Certified Developer

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 130 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The cost of the SysOps associate level exam is 150 USD

You must pass the associate’s exam to qualify to pursue an expert or specialty certification.


5.       AWS Certified Solutions Architect

You should have at least two years of practical experience developing and delivering cloud architecture on Amazon Web Services and a best-practice understanding of multi-application design for architecture.

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 180 minutes to attempt the paper
  • This paper cost 300 USD

6.       AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 180 minutes to try the paper
  • This paper cost 300 USD

Professional qualifications signal superior cloud skills and, as a result, are highly valued by employers when hiring new employees.


7.       AWS Certified Security

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 170 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The paper cost 300 USD

8.       AWS Certified Machine Learning

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 180 minutes to try the paper
  • The paper cost 300 USD

9.       AWS Certified Advanced Networking

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 170 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The paper cost 300 USD


10.    AWS Certified Database

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 180 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The paper cost 300 USD


11.    AWS Certified Data Analytics

  • MCQs and MRQs based
  • 180 minutes to attempt the paper
  • The paper cost 300 USD

Specialty tests are optional and only intended for students who want to demonstrate their expertise in a particular technology area, including data analysis, safety, social networking, etc.

Details of passing AWS certification

The total number of questions that applicants must adequately respond to pass all other test formats is calculated using a statistical equating technique.

A scaled number of 700 for  1st levels (Foundational-level) exams, 720 for 2nd levels (Associate-level) exams, 750 for 3rd level (Professional-level), and 750 for 4th level (Specialty tests)  out of 1000 is the passing criterion.

Is  AWS certification worth it in 2022?

The advanced year is challenging for people who needs to earn or improve their skills to get a better job. AWS has become vital in 2022. Below are reasons why AWS certification has become more critical in 2022

  • According to experts, AWS-related abilities are required by 60% of job ads for cloud-related positions. These figures show a considerable need for AWS-related skills and expertise today and in the future.
  • One of the most efficient ways to advance your career and make sure you land a high-paying position in your desired firm is to learn AWS.
  • Certifications issued by Amazon Web Services can also help applicants develop new skills or sharpen existing ones.

l  For IT professionals and individuals looking to expand their businesses and professional skills on this well-respected platform, earning an AWS certification in 2022 is a good career move.

Pick the AWS-certified path you wish to follow, find excellent AWS Certification instruction, study diligently, pass your exam, and you too will be a cloud-based computing specialist as you consider expanding your skills in these difficult times.

For better results and understanding, the only best online training center you can rely on is SPOTO, which facilitates different IT certifications like CCNA, PMP, AWS, etc. The company provides good customer care support and study plans for candidates.

This good training company serves online sessions and materials so that you can efficiently study.

The discounted rates and packages are available on special days for candidates who need to get more study AWS certification at cheap rates

which AWS certification to choose for your career?

Each Amazon Web Services certification aids in your professional and skill development. Nevertheless, it is advised that Associate-level credentials, such as those for AWS Certification Developer and AWS Certification SysOps Administrator, are an excellent way to start. After that, you can pursue one of the two Professional-level certificates or one of the specialty certificates. Also. After reading these, you will be able to design, create, configure, monitor, and upkeep systems developed on AWS.

For preparation for your exams, thousands of websites provide training and study pattern for the one who wants to pass their papers with the best result. SPOTO online IT training platform.

This platform was founded in 2003 and is well known for its best training session for different IT programs. The platform will help guide the study plan, honest questions that can occur in the test, registrations method, and many more.

Most challenging AWS certification and tips for preparing for it

According to the candidates, the hardest one depends on how hard you is observed that the easiest one is AWS Solution Architect, and the hardest one can be DevOps Engineer Professionals. However, one can work on following tips to get the best result and to clear exams

1.       Creating a Successful Study Plan

Gather all relevant AWS examination data before beginning the preparation process to start planning your study schedule. Furthermore, you can complete the course with a suitable exam schedule.

2.       Knowledge of Exam Topics

The AWS exam tests your knowledge and abilities under the subject matter covered by all certification examinations. These subjects will aid in your comprehension of the idea and enable you to exhibit your knowledge and proficiency in each field. Therefore, carefully and effectively examine the issues.

3.       AWS Instruction

AWS suggests training programs to assist you in improving and developing your technical abilities as you prepare for the exam. It will also give you access to practical ways to use pertinent AWS goods and services.

4.       Having to practice for exams

A practice test can be used as a self-evaluation tool to detect your knowledge and ability gaps. Additionally, practice exams for AWS certification exams can aid in having the finest revision and comprehension so that you don’t run into any difficulties throughout the exam. Yet, several training companies like SPOTO offer complimentary and distinctive practice exams for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) certification exam, making them the greatest option for practice tests and a little sot for study-providing study material.

Last words,

AWS is the most skilled and pro way to make yourself a millionaire and professional in cloud management. There are 11–12 certification programs offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), each categorized according to a particular role in the cloud sector. And each one has a unique format, subject matter, and structure. One can register on the SPOTO IT training platform to get a better study plan.

Whichever certification you would choose, you must check out the SPOTO AWS Exam Dumps to achieve success on the very first attempt. SPOTO AWS Exam Dumps are created by experts who possess about 18 years of experience, so the candidates gain more confidence while appearing for the exam.

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