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There would be no doubt that AWS certification is considered precious and opens the door for a lot of opportunities, not just for system administrations but also for developers and DevOps. In this article, we would be sharing your resources, which could help you in clearing the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate exam with flying colors.

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6 Tips to Pass AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam:

1. Passing marks for the AWS Certified Solution architect exam would be varying daily.

It could be 60% or 72% or even more than that, but you should set your focus always for preparing about 75% to clear the exam on the very first attempt.

2. Well, preparation time would be depending mostly on experience level.

If you would have some AWS experience under your belt, then 2 to 3 weeks of preparation would be enough, but if you would be completing beginner to AWS, then 4 to 6 weeks is considered a reasonable time.

3. Hands-on lab exercises are a must if you wouldn’t wish to become a paper certified AWS developer or solution architect.

All the things you would be learning and earning via certification also requires a backup of hands-on experience. It would be even more critical for people who aren’t actively working in AWS as part of their day job. Shortly, you have to gain a free AWS account opening and trying to break things and learn to fix them.

4. Join the courses which are considered to be most up-to-date and also include lab exercises for a reason mentioned above.

Since AWS would be still evolving and there is deemed to be a new feature coming up daily, it would be essential to choose the course which isn’t most up-to-date, not just in terms of the certification syllabus as well as curriculum but also with AWS feature and how to do things in the latest and best way in AWS.

5. Solving as many practice questions as possible.

This is, by far, the essential tip you should be focusing on. Since you would appear for an exam, where you are required to solve questions in a limited time, you got to do practice to be able to read, understand, and solve those problems at a rapid pace.

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6. Time management is considered to be quite imperative.

I know lots of people who have got 10 to 15 questions wrong just because of time pressure. Mock tests, as well as practice questions, also help to solidify your knowledge as well as highlight gaps in your learning. For instance, you could utilize them to find your weak and strong areas and then cover them better before the real exam.

These are the tips that will help you out in obtaining the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam. Along with these tips, you must also get the SPOTO AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Exam Dumps to gain success in your very first attempt.

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