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Technology has advanced far quicker than anyone could have expected. Only 50% of Americans had broadband connectivity at the turn of the millennium, and this service is now available in more than 90% of households.

Industries, too, are catching up. Gartner predicts that spending on public cloud services would exceed $309 billion this year, representing a nearly 20% rise over 2022. By 2024, IT investment in cloud platforms will have risen from 10% in 2022 to over 15%.

It’s hardly a surprise, then, that as computers grow, so does the number of possible networking and computer system positions. Even better, a four-year IT degree is no longer required to work in the area, and IT Certifications are sufficient in some circumstances.

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Why are IT Networking Certifications Important?

Because of the vital need for IT specialists, several businesses hire someone straight out of college. However, if you want to give yourself an advantage while applying, you might think about earning an IT networking certification. Here are some of the reasons why it’s a fantastic choice:

1. The importance of specialization

Although you can be a “Jack or Jill of all crafts” in the IT sector, you can earn a higher wage if you specialize. You’ll read about several 2024 networking certifications further in this post. You have the option of selecting one or more, depending on the path you choose to take. All of these things can help you build your expertise in a specific IT industry.

2. Networking credentials increase your competitiveness.

A four-year degree in computer systems is more likely to outperform someone who learns to code or analyze data in their spare time. On the other hand, those with a couple or more networking certificates may be more competitive in the employment market. Many certifications today cover the core or fundamentals of IT systems, also covered in a four-year degree program. Furthermore, you can specialize and benefit from more up-to-date training.

3. Certifications can help you earn more money.

According to Glassdoor, the average compensation for an IT professional in the United States is roughly $80,000. However, if you become a cloud architect, you can increase your annual salary to more than $130,000. Even if you apply for an entry-level position for the same work, the minimum compensation is still more significant than the average salary for an IT expert, which is $91,000.

4. Keep up with rapidly changing technology.

Moore’s law aims to quantify the rate of technological advancement in terms of transistor count. Previously, that figure doubled every two years, and it has now shrunk to 18 months. Because technology evolves at such a rapid pace, the law is struggling to keep up. Consider the zero-trust approach, networking as a platform, edge computing, and other terms you may not have heard of five years ago.

Whatever you’ve previously learned may be outdated and useless to the organization you want to work for. Completing networking certifications refreshes your knowledge without tying you down to traditional teaching methods.

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10 IT Networking Certifications You Should Get Right Now

Most of the greatest IT networking certifications for 2024 will focus on cybersecurity, cloud, database, and virtual computing.

1. Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH)

This certification is appropriate for people looking for an entry-level position in penetration testing. Cybercrime is on track to become the IT industry’s fastest-growing threat, and according to McAfee, it may cost organizations $400 billion. Large-scale industries are now hiring ethical hackers to test the security of their networks. These professionals can also work in cybersecurity or start a business in the field.

2. Data Professional (CDP) 

Big data is one of the most critical IT languages. Enterprises generate billions of them, but the cost of bad information is enormous as well. According to IBM, it may be worth at least $3 trillion every year. As a data management specialist, you do not deal with massive volumes of data. You will also be able to examine data so that relevant stakeholders, such as the CEO and CFO, can understand.

3. Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

With CISSP, IT professionals may improve their network security skills and earn more money. This independent IT networking certification allows you to design, administer, and control networks. Said, your opportunities will grow in proportion to the extent of your effort.

4. Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project management is as important in IT as it is in almost every other industry. It covers topics that most technical IT networking certificates do not, such as managing people and resources, making critical time-sensitive choices, and assisting the business in meeting its IT objectives.

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5. Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

CCNA, one of the oldest and most popular IT networking certifications, is still valid for various reasons. It improves your chances of getting a job or changing careers in networking, such as network engineer, systems administrator, or IT manager. From there, you can demonstrate your advanced knowledge with the Cisco Certified Professional Network Professional certification (CCNP) or CCIE.

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6. Salesforce Identity and Access Management Designer

This is one of the most recent networking certificates for IT professionals. It is intended for enterprise or security architects who wish to implement a more secure and up-to-date means of securing systems, such as multi-factor authentication inside the Salesforce ecosystem.

7. Certification in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

This is a complex certification process that, once finished, may provide you with four to five certifications. ITIL certification also validates your knowledge, experience, expertise, and talent in service management and IT infrastructure.

8. VCP-DCV is an abbreviation for VMware Certified Professional 6 (VCP-DCV)

The market for data center virtualization is rapidly expanding, and markets & Markets estimates that its value will be at least $8 billion by 2024. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) could exceed 16.5 percent from 2017 through the conclusion of the projection period.

It does, however, necessitate the appropriate abilities to manage it. This is one of the most significant IT networking certifications to obtain for organizations that use VMware. It assesses your abilities to secure, develop, control, implement, and troubleshoot virtual infrastructure.

9. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect (GCPCA)

This is useful for both professionals and business owners who want to harness the power of cloud computing. At the end of the exam, you will demonstrate your abilities in developing cloud architecture, creating security and compliance rules, and ensuring network stability.

10. Wireless Network Administrator Certification (CWNA)

More enterprises are shifting to software-defined area networks (SD-WANs), virtual private networks, and even secure-access service edge (SASE). These three improve wireless network efficiency without jeopardizing security compliance. One of the most in-demand positions CWNA can supply is being a wireless network administrator.

Certifications as a Career Advancement

The scope of IT networking certifications evolves in tandem with the expansion of IT, and as a result, most must be replaced every few years. Nonetheless, this does not take away from the fact that these certifications represent a ticket to a better career in 2024 and beyond.

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