As we know, Cisco has introduced a new Cisco certification program and exam formats from February 24, 2020. To help candidates learn the lab exam environment better, the second webinar of Cisco Live series webinars was held on May 20, 2020. Have you watched it yet? If not, it is right for you to grasp the newest information about CCIE lab through this blog now! We will take you to deep dive into the important news about this webinar, which mainly introduces the desktop environment and lab delivery engine.

1.Desktop Environment:

There is a calculator, magnifier, editor, Cisco Docs, CCIE login on the desk.


l. For the operating system, the lab exam uses windows formerly, while the new lab exam will change to Linux.

2. The keyboard and the calculator can change the language.

Two monitors, keyboard, mouse, pen, and paper will be provided in the exam room. You cannot bring any materials. 

2. Lab Delivery Engine 

Lab exam process 

Click the “CCIE login” on the desk and log in to your account.

The DES module will appear first. Read the exam guidelines first and check the box. Then click “Start” to begin the exam.

After entering the DES module, you can see the whole exam progress and the time in the upper right corner.

This is the exam interface. In the DES module, you cannot open the device for command-line operation. You can only see the topology and the materials provided.

When you finish this module, click the “end exam section” on the main screen to proceed to the DOO module.

DES module features:

Type of question: multiple-choice, drag, and drop. Choose the answer according to the given material.


  1. Backward navigation is disabled. (same as a written exam)
  2. The design module is 3-hour. You can terminate this module early, but the time saved cannot be used in the next module.
  3. You will not know your score immediately after you finish the test. You will need to wait for an email notification after the test is over.

DOO Module Features:

DOO Module is 5 hours long. The login process is similar to that of the design module. However, the guideline is different from the Design module. 

The command line window, quite different from before, does not use Putty anymore, but use the form of the web page.

Multiple Windows can be opened simultaneously, but synchronously.

During lunch, the proctor will pause the desktop and command window, which will not count in the 5-hour exam time.  

Summarized features for both DES and DOO module:

  1. You can visit Cisco’s website during the exam (same as before)
  2. It is impossible to practice entirely on a virtual platform, and many of the exercises require real physical equipment.
  3. Proctor will pause the exam interface during lunch. But for the time of break such as going to the washroom during the exam, it won’t be paused.

Hence, you must have some understanding of the new CCIE lab exam. Thus, what valuable products can SPOTO offer to you? 

SPOTO’s Lab Products

SPOTO now provide CCIE LAB Service with the CCIE Tracks (Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, Data Center, and Service Provider,wireless, Collaboration)

  1. We provide three months of service and rack practice.
  2. We count lab service period follow your time (when we send lab materials)
  3. For example, if you plan to attempt an exam on October 30, we will provide pass materials on August 1. 

Our lab service package includes

  1. Workbook and solution, all materials are the same as the real exam. You will face it come from our materials when you take the exam.
  2. We provide racks to practice. The racks include IOS, init configuration, and so on.
  3. If you have any problem or difficulty during the practice, our tutor will help you to solve it through TeamView.
  4. We provide tutorial videos that explain workbook and solution, which also show you how to config one section by one section.

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In conclusion

We wish that this information about the CCIE lab environment and lab delivery engine will be beneficial for you a lot. In the next few weeks, there will be another six webinars about the scope, overview, and preparation of CCIE certification, including CCIE EI, Security, Data Center, Collaboration, Service Provider and Enterprise Wireless held by Cisco.

If you don’t want to miss every important news about the new CCIE exam, please follow SPOTO to timely catch up with the updates! 

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