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AWS is considered a beast of a platform that would require extensive knowledge of application deployment and cloud management. AWS would have well over 100 services at last count, and new ones would be added regularly. 

Foundational: Entry-Level Should Be Easiest, Right?

The first rung on the AWS certification ladder is Foundational, including the Certified Cloud Practitioner certification. 

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CLF-C01/Cloud PractitionerCLF-C01/Cloud Practitioner
SAP-C01/Professional SAP-C01/Professional

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner:

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AWS would be recommending the six months of experience with AWS in any capacity, whether it would be the technical, sales, managerial, purchasing, or financial. That would be a good indicator for those who should take this exam, anyone with some experience. This certification is considered to be the perfect place to begin with. Expect lots of new stuff. 

The Verdict: If you are a total beginner to AWS, you would require putting in the time for learning the minutiae of AWS to farewell. But if you would have dabbled in cloud technologies and AWS, this would probably be the most straightforward certification on this list for you to earn.

Associate: Don’t Go In Blind

The next AWS certification level is considered to be the Associate, consisting of certifications in Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps. Earlier, we said certain people might be able to skip Foundation and jump straight into Associate. This would be indeed possible, as there are going to be no prerequisites for Associate tests. 

Those who would have sat for Associate exams recommend the same two things utilize every resource you could find and practice on the AWS console. Noteworthy, The SysOps Admin certification exam is widely regarded as the hardest AWS Associate exam.

Be ready to set up a study plan for yourself. Set aside a chunk of time for studying the AWS. Utilize every resource you could find, including labs, videos, practice tests, and especially the AWS white papers. The white papers could gain a little dry and dense, but they are quite essential.

The Verdict: Associate-level AWS certification would be where you should take your first step toward cloud specialty. It is considered the most common AWS certification, so there would be many study materials available. This one wouldn’t go to be a walk in the park even if you would be putting in hours of studying.

Professional: Hard for a Reason

If the Associate is considered to be quite challenging, AWS Professional certifications are tough times 10. In a way, it is considered to be much more of the same, just next level. The Professional-level exams would be built around a much greater level of experience as well as intuition. We are well past beginning from scratch. You wouldn’t only have to understand but also be required to know about utilizing AWS products and services. Test takers would be reporting the exiting testing centers with shell shock from the pummelling they would have endured. 

The Verdict: Professional-level exams are considered quite challenging because you are required to be able to synthesize answers and draw conclusions based on your knowledge and experience. It would be less about knowing tools, although this is still important. AWS Professional certifications validate that you see the utilization of tools effectively. 

So, now that you have acquired all the details regarding the AWS Certification and their difficulty level, you might be looking forward to obtaining one. If yes, you must get the SPOTO AWS Exam Dumps to achieve success in your very first attempt. So, acquire your AWS Certification with the SPOTO AWS Exam Dumps‘ help and obtain success in the first attempt.

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