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You could utilize the Cisco CCNA 200-125 syllabus to help the candidates decide whether you wish to attempt this certification. The CCNA course syllabus would provide you a good idea of what you would require for learning to become certified.

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CCNA200-301CCNA 200-301
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IP Data Networks

The CCNA course syllabus would be teaching you all about IP Data Networks. The course would include information on how data networks work and how the devices within the network would work. What the purpose, as well as the function of the numerous devices within the network, are. It would be covering what TCP/IP models are and how data flows within the data network.

LAN Switching

The LAN switching syllabus is going to include information about how the Ethernet would work. It would also be teaching you the basics about working with switches work and operating switches within a network. It would also teach you about verifying your networks utilizing telnet, ping, and SSH and configuring and verifying switch operations. The subject would also be covering VLANs as well as what they would be within the networking environment. It would be covering the advanced switching technologies, including RSTP, PVSTP, and EtherChannel.

IP Addressing

Courses covering this part of the syllabus are required to teach you about the requirement for IPv4 and IPv6. They should teach you the dissimilarity between private and public IP addresses for IPv4. Once you would have completed, you are required to describe what appropriate address schemes would be for both IPv4 and IPv6, and you should be able to explain the running of IPv4 and IPv6 concurrently. You must also be able to define and describe the technologies required to run IPv4 and IPv6 together.

IP Routing

IP routing must be covering the basics of what a router is as well as basic routing concepts. It should teach you about the process of booting a Cisco router, how to configure a router utilizing the command line process, and verifying your serial and Ethernet interfaces.

IP Services

A course in IP Services that would be preparing you for the CCNA certification exam must teach you what DHCP is and about verifying DHCP on your Cisco router. It must explain what ACL is and what would be the features as well as applications of type of ACL would be. It must also teach and explain to you the essential operation of NAT and the configuration of NAT.

Network Security

A course in network security must teach you about Network Security. You must also explain about achieving the switch port security through the utilization of switch port security features. You must be able to configure ACLs that would be allowing for the filtering of network traffic. You must also be competent about the configuration of other networking device security features.


The CCNA certification exam could consist of questions on various troubleshooting issues, so a CCNA certification course should include information about troubleshooting numerous networking issues. You must require about learn to troubleshoot basic router operations. It would help if you learned how to monitor data and how to utilize NetFlow.

Now that you have obtained the knowledge about what you would have in your CCNA Exam, you must be looking forward to getting in-depth learning regarding the same and acquire this certification. If so, you should check out the SPOTO CCNA Exam Dumps to achieve success in your very first attempt. And here is some info about CCNA 200-125 syllabus, hope it can help you.

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