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It seems that everything would be moving from the physical to the technical. This would be including a company’s internet network. Software-defined Networking is considered the newest way for companies to manage their system, but, like all new technology, it would have benefits and possible problems.  If you want to learn more, get SPOTO 100% real Cisco CCNA and CCNP practice exams for deep understanding. 

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What is Software-Defined Networking (SDN)?

Software-Defined Networking or shortly known as SDN is believed to be a network architecture approach that would enable the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled or programmed, utilizing software applications. This would be helping the operators managing the entire network holistically and consistently, regardless of the underlying network technology.

Various competing forces are surrounding enterprises, carriers, as well as service providers. The tremendous growth in multimedia content, the impact of increasing mobile usage, the explosion of cloud computing, and continuing business pressures to reduce costs while revenues would be remaining flat are all converging to wreak chaos on traditional business models.

SDN would be enabling the programming of network behavior in a centrally controlled manner through software applications utilizing open APIs. By opening up traditionally closed network platforms and implementing a standard SDN control layer, operators could consistently manage the entire network and its devices despite the complexity of the underlying network technology. Before discussing the pros and cons, if you are looking forward to obtaining IT Certification, you should check out the SPOTO training courses.

Pros and Cons of Software-Defined Networking (SDN)


There would be numerous reasons that people would be changing to an SDN system at their office. 

  • Visibility

Separating the data plane and the control plane would give the IT department an aerial-like view of the entire network. This would be making changes much more comfortable, as you could see the effects. 

  • Increased Speed

The visibility would be allowing IT departments to make changes that could increase the speed of the entire network.

  • Better Security

In many ways, SDN systems which would be allowing the companies better security. The visibility would help the IT department spot any possible security breach and prevent it from shattering easily. Furthermore, the people with access to the controller could clarify safe routes without a firewall for blocking any invalid routes. 


SDN systems would still be a new technology. As SDN is a new technology, there will always be areas that could use improvements. 

  • Vulnerability Of The Controller

The controller is considered to be how the IT department would be managing the network instead of the routers and switches. This means that the controller should be completely secure. Many soft-ware defined networks could track who and when people would be making changes, but companies should carefully monitor who would be having access to the controller and keep access secure.

  • Distributed Denial-Of-Service Attacks

If many undeclared routes were brought into the network at a precise time, they would be requesting a specific route. Unfortunately, this influx in requests could make it difficult for the network to respond to actual requests. The system would then find itself unable to delegate new routes, causing a headache for the IT department. 

  • Lack Of Hardware Security

One of the disadvantages of an SDN network would be that since you are eliminating the utilization of the physical routers and switches, you won’t be having the security that comes with them. The main one that you would be missing is the firewall. This could leave your network more vulnerable if you aren’t careful.

So, not that you know about all the pros and cons of SDN, you might be interested in gaining more knowledge. If so, SPOTO is the best choice for you.

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