Even though you pass the PMP exam and get PMP certification, the journey for PMP certification does not end. You should get your PMP certification for renewal every three years.

The good news here is that you don’t have to retake the PMP exam! All you need to do is make a PMP update. It only requires a simple process (specified in this post) with the PMP renewal fee of $150. 

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But why should I renew my PMP certification?

In terms of certification, follow the same continuous improvement concepts that you learned through the PMBoK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) course. That’s why PMI requires its certified students to learn about the knowledge and profession continuously.

How often is the PMP certification renewed?

The certification shall be renewed in a three-year cycle after getting the PMP certification. 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) are required for PMP certification renewal.

What do I need to do to renew my PMP certification?

The first thing you need to do is log into the PMI website. Click on the “My PMI” tab and then log into the CCSR (Continuous Certification Requirements System). Here, you can check your certification status and report and check the log of your past PDUs. 60 PDUs are needed for PMP certification renewal.

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Step 1: Earn 60 PDUs in the CCR cycle.

PDUs refer to “Professional Development Units,” which you can obtain in two sections.” Education” or “Giving Back.” The former requires a minimum of 35 PDUs, while the latter can report up to 25 PDUs.

For every hour you spend in education or giving back, you earn PDUs to report through CCRS and apply for PMP renewal. The PDUs you make must meet the requirements of the PMI Talent Triangle, which includes leadership, business and strategic management, and technical project management.

In the Education category, you must earn a minimum of 8 PDUs for each component, and you may assign the remaining 11 PDUs to any element of your choice.

To fill out PMI for your PDUs, a link in CCRS will prompt you to fill out the information, including your provider name/ID, activity ID/name, activity date, and the number of PDUs you earned under the program for each component of the triangle.

After updating this information, you will be informed if your PDUs were requested, denied, or hopefully approved. Most importantly, if you have more than 60 PDUs marked for income, you can carry them over to the next CCR cycle. However, the maximum limit is 20 PDUs.

Step 2: Fill out the renewal application

There are two ways: filling out an online application or downloading it to upload it after filling out. Contact person, membership status, and payment details shall be specified before applying.

Step 3: Reconfirm that you follow PMI’s Code of Ethics

You must commit to PMI’s Code of Ethics, which is essential to renew your certification again.

Step 4: Pay the renewal fee

If you are a member of PMI, you need to pay $60 only with a special discount. For non-members, it will cost you $150. If you obtain the 60 PDU mark, you will not have to wait three years to renew. Before your CCR is over, you will not wait over 90 days for renewing your PMP certification.

Step 5: Receive confirmation from PMI

Finally, you need to receive confirmation from PMI that your certification for the new CCR cycle has been issued. You can check if you have an “active” status or are in “good standing” to ensure it.

If the renewal process has not been completed within the completion of the CCR cycle, you will be marked as “Suspended.” This will remain your status for a full year after the CCR cycle, so make sure you get recertified before the end of this period to avoid any unnecessary problems.


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