PMP certification is a globally recognized certification offered by the PMI (Project Management Institute). Since the PMP exam contains 200 multiple-choice questions, it is essential to understand the actual PMP exam questions to better prepare for and pass the PMP exam. At SPOTO, we have collected 15 PMP sample questions to let you know the basic PMP exam structure and topics.

Are you a professional who wants to become a project manager? For better PMP exam prep, try to answer this PMP practice test question and conduct a self-assessment. Also, besides PMP, you can pursue PMI RMP and PMI ACP certification to enhance yourself and boost your management skills. Now, let’s begin the exam labs PMP review.

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1. A company’s leadership team asked a project manager about the status update of a project’s latest iteration. The project manager directed the leadership team to the project folder. The leadership team informed the project manager that a specific piece of information was not found.

What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

A. Check the project folder to ensure that everything is updated before sharing the folder with the leadership team.
B. Regularly update the project folder to ensure project artifacts are current.
C. Ask team members to update the project folder before sharing the link with the leadership team.
D. Ask the leadership team about the needed information and provide the same.

Answer: D

2.During a weekly team meeting, the project manager reviewed task progress and found that a senior project team member did not follow the plan and only performed tasks by personal preference without communicating with the project manager. The senior team member is an expert and a critical resource for the project.

How should the project manager address this?

A. Discuss this with the resource personally, then update the team charter if necessary.
B. Discuss this with the resource personally, then update the resource management plan if necessary.
C. Discuss this with their functional manager, then update the team charter if necessary.
D. Discuss this with their functional manager, then update the resource management plan if necessary.

Answer: A

3. A project manager is working on a hybrid project. During a standup meeting, a team member mentions that one of the subsequent deliverables may need to comply with government regulations because of experience on a previous project.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Review lessons learned from the previous project to determine if any compliance is required.

B. Escalate the issue with the project management office (PMO) to determine if any compliance is required.

C. Stop the project until it is confirmed that the deliverable is subject to any regulations.

D. Remove the task from the critical path and assign the resource to work on another requirement.

Answer: A

4. In a sprint review meeting, the client says they need to implement two of the five modules committed for the project in a few weeks. What should project leadership has the team do?

A. Use the nominal group technique

B. Conduct a release plan meeting

C. Use prototypes

D. Conduct brainstorming

Answer: C 

5. A project manager is assigned to take over an ongoing project. During the quality check, it is found that 40% of the deliverables have defects and require rework, with this trend getting worse.

What should be the project manager’s first step?

A. Perform an Ishikawa analysis.

B. Evaluate the cost of the rework.

C. Review the user stories

D. Review the quality management plan.

Answer: D

6. A project manager was recently assigned to an investigation project. Due to the complexity of the project, the project manager is unsure if any regulation applies.

How should the project manager determine which regulations apply to the project?

A. Contact the project management office (PMO) manager as they are in charge of determining the regulations required for agile projects.

B. Consult with a manager who has a higher level of authority for this decision.

C. Schedule a meeting with key stakeholders, subject matter experts (SMEs), and the project team to understand better if any regulations are applicable.

D. Request a signed letter from the client to confirm if any regulations apply to any project deliverables.

Answer: C

7. A company is implementing agile, and the CEO wants the project manager to play the role of a servant leader. Which action should the project manager take to ensure they are acting as a servant leader?

A. Keep strict control of the team and their activities.

B. Ensure the team follows all processes as defined without questioning them.

C. Serve as a backup in case a team member becomes ill.

D. Understand the bottlenecks and support the team to remove them.

Answer: D

8. A project manager is responsible for a critical project involving stakeholders from multiple locations across the globe. The project team has completed a significant milestone.

What should the project manager do next?

A. Wait until all project milestones are completed, and then celebrate.

B. Capture lessons learned during delivery.

C. Recognize the team’s performance during the weekly meeting.

D. Include the status in the weekly project report.

Answer: B

9. The project manager needs to survey the necessary parties to reach a consensus and build a shared vision for the project. To achieve better results, which should be engaged in the development of a shared vision strategy?

A. The delivery team and the project sponsor

B. The client and the delivery team

C. The project owner and the client

D. The team and its stakeholders

Answer: C

10. A development project team member informs the project manager that the operating system is not going to be installed on time due to a late upgrade by the supplier. What should the project manager do first?

A. Have the project team brainstorm a solution.

B. Determine the impact of the situation.

C. Inform the stakeholders about the problem.

D. Modify the schedule to reflect the situation.

Answer: B 

11. A project manager has just taken over an ongoing project from another project manager who resigned from the organization. During a review of the project management plan, the project manager realizes that the cost variance and schedule variance are primarily negative. Several issues reported on the project have not been resolved. Vendors have not been paid for work done, and mitigation of secondary risks is quickly depleting the budget.

Which three actions should have been taken to avoid this situation? (Choose three)

A. Implemented explicit assumptions in the project charter

B. Added a contingency budget to the project charter

C. Identified project handoff procedures

D. Ensured the project governance controls were approved and implemented

E. Identified high-level risks and responses in the project planning phase

Answer: ADE 

12. Although a project is performing within its time, scope, and budget constraints, the project manager learns that the project sponsor is unhappy with its progress. What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

Reviewed and confirmed the stakeholder analysis

Obtained approval on project requirements

Written a project charter

Developed a communications management plan

Answer: A 

13. While reviewing progress in the middle of an iteration, a significant risk is identified due to a user story dependency. What should the project manager do next?

A. Update the product backlog to include the dependency.

B. Enter the risk in the iteration’s risk register.

C. Update the impacted plans and monitor the risk.

D. Involve the team in completing risk identification.

Answer: D 

14. A project manager is working on a wastewater treatment project for a factory. During project execution, the government released new environmental protection standards that are higher than the previous standards. The project needs to be updated to meet the new standards.

What should the project manager do first?

A. Meet with the project team to understand the impact of the government regulations on the project scope.

B. Check the risk register to determine if this risk was documented.

C. Propose a change request and send it to the change control board (CCB) for a decision.

D. Negotiate a new standard adoption timeline with the government agency.

Answer: B 

15. In an environment subject to various elements of ambiguity and change. what should an agile project manager do to keep track of artifacts? (Choose two)

A. Update the artifacts frequently and quickly in a transparent fashion.

B. Define which technology to use in the project management plan.

C. Define which technology to use in the communications management plan.

D. Use historical information from previous projects as a template.

E. Increase the use of social computing tools.

Answer: AE


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