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The new entry-level Cisco Certification, the CCNA 200-301, is the backbone of the entire Cisco Certification roadmap. This certification is essential for any Network Administrator, but it is also beneficial to IT professionals.

This free CCNA 200-301 practice exam is meant to see how well you’ve studied for the real thing. You’ll be put to the test on your knowledge, response time, and troubleshooting abilities. The problems and scenarios in this quiz are designed to test your in-depth knowledge of concepts and ideas related to, but not limited to, the exam.

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Which command automatically generates an lPv6 address from a specified IPv6 prefix and MAC address of an interface?

A. ipv6 address dhcp
B. ipv6 address 2001:DB8:5:112::/64 eui-64
C. ipv6 address autoconfig
D. ipv6 address 2001:DB8:5:112:2/64 link-local

Correct Answer: C

When configuring lPv6 on an interface, which two lPv6 multicast groups are joined? (Choose two.)

A. 2000::/3
B. 2002::5
C. FCO0::/7
E. FFO2:2

Correct Answer: DE

What is the default behavior of a Layer 2 switch when a frame with an unknown destination MAC address is received?

A. The Layer 2 switch forwards the packet and adds the destination MAC address to its MAC address table.
B. The Layer 2 switch sends a copy of a packet to CPU for destination MAC address learning.
C. The Layer 2 switch floods packets to all ports except the receiving port in the given VLAN.
D. The Layer 2 switch drops the received frame.

Correct Answer: C


An engineer must configure a /30 subnet between two routes. Which usable lP address and subnet mask combination meets this criteria?

A. interfacee0/0description to HQ-A370:98968ipaddress10.2.1.3255.255.255.252
B. interface e0/0 descriptionto HQ-A370:98968 ip address
C. interface e0/0 descriptionto HQ-A370:98968 ip address
D. interface e0/0 descriptionto HQ-A370:98968 ip address

Correct Answer: D

Which network allows devices to communicate without the need to access the lnternet?
Correct Answer: B

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Which lPv6 address type communication between subnets and cannot route on the Internet?
A. link-local
B. unique local
C. multicast
D. global unicast

Correct Answer: B

Which lPv6 address block sends packets to a group address rather than a single address?
A. 2000::/3
B. FCO0::/7
C. FE80::/10
D. FFO0::/8

Correct Answer: D

What are two reasons that cause late collisions to increment on an Ethernet interface? (Choose two.)

A. when Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection is used
B. when one side of the connection is configured for half-duplex
C. when the sending device waits 15 seconds before sending the frame again
D. when a collision occurs after the 32nd byte of a frame has been transmitted
E. when the cable length limits are exceeded

Correct Answer: AE

What is a benefit of using a Cisco Wireless LAN Controller?

A. lt eliminates the need to configure each access point individually.
B. Central AP management requires more complex configurations.
C. Unique SSIDs cannot use the same authentication method.
D. lt supports autonomous and lightweight APs.

Correct Answer: A

Which action is taken by switch port enabled for PoE power classification override?

A. lf a monitored port exceeds the maximum administrative value for power, the port is shutdown and err-disabled.
B. When a powered device begins drawing power from a PoEswitch port, a syslog message is generated.
C. As power usage on a PoE switch port is checked, data flow to the connected device is temporarily paused.
D. lf a switch determines that a device is using less than the minimum configured power, it assumes the device has failed and disconnects it.
Correct Answer: A

Exam Pointers

I’ve gathered a few pointers for the exam:

  • Double-check your answers! Keep in mind that there is no way to go back, so make sure you understand the question completely.
  • If you have some time before the exam, jot down a subnetting table or other pertinent facts before you begin.
  • Keep in mind that you only have about 1 minute each question (120 minutes for more than 100 questions). So, if you’re stumped, choose the best option and move on.

Last but not least

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