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Data Center maintenance is a critical function in the IT industry that necessitates both competence and leadership. Agile IT infrastructure is a vital component of current corporate strategy, and it relies on the supervision of skilled, flexible, and confident employees. This post will go through the CCIE Datacenter certification overview, benefits, preparation techniques, and exam suggestions!

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What exactly is a CCIE Data Center Certification?

Cisco’s CCIE Data Center Certification validates your advanced knowledge and grasp of complicated Data Center navigation and solutions. This certification verifies advanced Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity and fabric infrastructure, storage networking and compute, network services, and automation and orchestration. Therefore, practitioners with such certifications are qualified to plan, build, implement, and manage the numerous components of today’s Data Center infrastructure.

Is the CCIE Data Center Certification the Right Choice for You?

There are no requirements for taking the CCIE Data Center Certification examinations (other than significant study). However, it is advised that you have at least seven years of job experience before. Experience in building, deploying, running, and optimizing data center technologies and solutions is a considerable benefit.

What Is the CCIE Data Center Certification Good For?

The average CCIE Data Center Certified professional earns $85,000 per year as a starting salary. As Data Center technologies advance, the already significant demand for expertise will rise much more. Earning a certification increases your job opportunities because 99 percent of companies regard certifications as hiring criteria.

How Do You Obtain CCIE Data Center Certification?

To obtain the CCIE Data Center Certification, candidates must pass two exams: a qualifying written exam and a practical lab exam.

1. Written Exams for the CCIE Data Center:

DCCOR 350-601: This two-hour written exam assesses a candidate’s understanding of fundamental data center technology.

The exam covers the following topics:

  • Network (25%)
  • Compute (25%)
  • Storage Network (20%)
  • Automation (15%)
  • Security (15%)

How to get started?

Guaranteed money-back guarantee and free update! To evaluate yourself, use the free CCNP 350-601 practice tests provided below! You should try SPOTO 350-601 test dumps with real exam questions and answers for the 350-601 written exam to help you pass the 350-601 exam on the first try!

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2. CCIE Data Center v3.0 lab exam

Candidates must plan, design, deploy, operate, and optimize complex Data Center networks during this 8-hour hands-on lab exam.

During the exam, candidates are expected to program and automate the network in the following areas:

  • Data Center L2/L3 Connectivity (20%)
  • Data Center Fabric Infrastructure (15%)
  • Data Center Fabric Connectivity (15%)
  • Data Center Compute (15%)
  • Data Center Automation and Orchestration (15%)
  • Data Center Storage Protocols and Features (10%)
  • Data Center Security and Network Services (10%)

Preparing for the CCIE Data Center Certification Exam

1. Choose an Appropriate Cisco CCIE Training Institute

Quality instruction is regarded as the most critical factor in achieving success. There are around 10,000 Cisco training providers worldwide, but only 4 to 5 top companies can assist you in passing the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam. You should choose a trustworthy and reliable IT training institute with a long history, remarkable passing results, high-quality products, and 7/24 VIP customer service! SPOTO is just the one with 18 years of IT training experience in helping thousands of candidates pass their IT certification on the first try with our 100% accurate Cisco CCNA, CCNP, CCIE lab, and other IT exam dumps and study materials.

2. Get CCIE training with CCIE instructors

It would help if you learned from CCIE certified instructors because they can best assist you with this certification. As a result, selecting the correct training facility or trainer is critical to obtaining CCIE certification success. Remember that learning from a CCIE certified instructor is the ideal option because they have been down the same path and are therefore knowledgeable with all of the Do’s and Don’ts of the profession.

SPOTO’s CCIE Data Center v3.0 Learning Path covers all of the key topics required to acquire the CCIE Data Center Certification and succeed in your profession.

The v3 blueprint includes detailed demonstrations and explanations of all technologies, hardware platforms, and software platforms. Expert instruction is combined with hands-on exercises to equip candidates with a comprehensive understanding of critical topics and abilities.

SPOTO’s Data Center Learning Path takes you through the whole certification process and beyond, with exciting information that enhances retention and advances capabilities.

3. Keep up to date with the official curriculum and the most recent workbooks:

Candidates must keep up to speed with the official Cisco curriculum and the most recent practical workbooks while studying for the Cisco CCIE Lab Exam. Because the CCIE syllabus is updated in tandem with technological growth, it is critical to stay updated on the most recent advancements in networking.

SPOTO provides 100% authentic CCIE DC lab booklets and solutions that guarantee to pass! With real lab exam questions and answers, you can quickly grasp the exam layout! Download a free workbook demo now to put your skills to the test!

4. Practicing with Real-World Lab Infrastructure:

Practice makes perfect, and it will undoubtedly prepare you for CCIE tests. CCIE examinations last 8 hours. The lab exam would put your actual ability level to the test. As a result, practical training on real-world devices is regarded as critical to success. 

The Most Comprehensive DC Lab Environment from SPOTO

SPOTO is also the only institute in the world with complete rack equipment. Also, we offer 120 hours of physical rack practice time!

We also built up a complete set of ACI racks for the DC lab; do not underestimate the value of the ACI rack set. It includes 2spine, 4leaf, F3Ecard, N56, 5N9K, and other components that cannot be accommodated on two physical cabinets!

5. Concentrate on Expertise Development:

The CCIE Data Center Certification is all about having a comprehensive understanding of technology. Indeed, CCIE DC exams are constructed to assess a candidate’s knowledge both practically and intellectually. So, building competence in CCIE modules or configurations is critical to success; this can only be accomplished through daily training and practice with the same module. If at all possible, you should spend 8 to 9 hours per day. If you are overworked, you should set aside some time to study. For your convenience, here is SPOTO’s study plan.

6. Time Management, Speed, and Reference Knowledge:

Candidates must have hands-on technical abilities and a high speed to pass the CCIE lab examination on the first try. Because the topologies and concepts are somewhat complicated, it is best to slowly and gradually increase your speed. Time management is seen as critical in the exam, and because it is an open book exam, attendees must be familiar with the appropriate references for commands and instructions.


One of the most crucial factors to consider here is selecting a reputable training facility. If you do not choose reliable, you may fail the exam and retake it, which would necessitate paying the exam price again. I recommend using 350-601 test dumps and participating in the SPOTO CCIE DC v3.0 training session to improve your skills and knowledge.

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