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Here is a list of the greatest Cloud certifications for 2024, so you don’t have to waste any more time. This certification can help you advance your career and get a start in Cloud Computing as a Cloud Professional, Developer, or Solution Architect.


Let’s take a look at each of them one by one as we go on.

1.Associate AWS Certified Solutions Architect

This AWS certificate is for people who can do solution architecture, such as deploying and protecting web applications, and it is also for those who have worked with AWS services for one year.

In other words, for experienced engineers who aspire to become software architects or solution architects, this is the finest cloud certification. If you have worked on the AWS cloud platform, either yourself or for our firm, you should strive to pass this exam in order to be accredited for your abilities.

The exam is extensive, and you will need to be familiar with a wide range of AWS services. If you want to get this coveted certification, this AWS Certified Solutions Architect course on udemy can help you learn the necessary abilities.

For experienced professionals, the best AWS certification is

2. AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification

This is the ideal Cloud certification for beginners or anyone interested in learning more about cloud computing and the AWS cloud platform.

If you wish to advance to Associate-level or specialized certification, this is the certification to earn. It will provide you an overview of AWS cloud services such as security and account management, among other things.

With a couple of weeks of preparation, you should be able to pass this exam rather quickly.

If you need a recommendation, Stephane Maarek’s AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner [NEW] course on Udemy is a great place to start. Stephane is an AWS Guru, therefore he’ll be able to assist you with learning and preparing for the exam.

For beginners, the best AWS certification is

3. Associate AWS Certified Developer

For programmers and software developers who wish to construct cloud-native applications, this is the ideal Cloud certification. This associate certification is for you if you have more than one year of experience managing AWS services. It will educate you how to use the AWS core services, as well as its architecture, build, and deploy applications on AWS.

In comparison to the previous two certificates, cloud practitioner and solution architect, this is one of the more difficult AWS certifications. It’s not enough to be familiar with various AWS services; you must understand them well in order to utilize the appropriate configurations in a particular scenario.

If you are a developer or software engineer, I strongly advise you to pursue this cloud certification because it will greatly enhance your profile and open up many more doors for you.

As I previously stated, the exam is difficult to pass and you will need a variety of tools to prepare adequately. To begin, I highly recommend that you go through CloudGuru’s AWS Certified Developer course, which will teach you the skills you will need to pass the exam.

The Best AWS Certification for Developers and Programmers

4. Associate AWS Certified SysOps Administrator

This associate certification is for professionals who have at least one year of experience with AWS deployment, management, and operations. It teaches you how to identify the right service for your needs, regulate data flow from AWS, and more.

In other words, for system administrators and IT professionals who operate in the infrastructure, this is the ideal Cloud certification.

If you work in IT support or as a system administrator, you can pursue this certification to advance your career.

This course, AWS Certified SysOps Administrator — Associate, is a wonderful resource to gain such abilities if you require a course to prepare for this certification.

The best AWS certification for system administrators and support personnel


5. Azure Fundamentals (Microsoft Certified)

Because AWS is the most popular public cloud platform for both startups and large enterprises, all four top cloud certifications are from Amazon AWS. However, Microsoft Azure is swiftly catching up, which has boosted demand for certified Azure Cloud specialists.

The Azure foundations certification is for people who want to learn the basics of cloud services. It will teach you cloud principles as well as how to use Microsoft Azure services, security, privacy, and pricing.

In a nutshell, the finest cloud certification for novices learning Azure. This certification is extremely comparable to AWS cloud practitioner, and you may pass it after a few weeks of preparation.

If you need recommendations, this udemy course AZ-900 Azure Exam Prep will cover everything you need to know and prepare you for the exam.

Beginner’s Guide to Azure Certification


6. Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification from Microsoft

For experienced programmers, developers, and DevOps engineers who wish to become Azure professionals, this is the ideal cloud certification.

You will be able to build and implement solutions in Microsoft Azure, including security, network computing, and storage, if you pass this certification test.

If your company is shifting to the Microsoft Azure cloud, earning this Azure certification will raise your profile and help you advance in your career.

When it comes to preparation, this is a large certification with a lot of topics to cover. Thankfully, there are several courses to master these abilities, but this one on udemy, the AZ-300/AZ-303 Azure Architecture Technologies, is the greatest of them all and will assist you much on your trip.

For seasoned professionals, the best Azure certification is

7. Azure Administrator Associate certification from Microsoft

Another Azure certification that made the top ten list of cloud certifications is this one. This is the ideal Azure certification for system administrators and IT support personnel.

This certificate will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement, administer, and monitor cloud services such as storage, security, and virtual environments, as well as a variety of other duties.

To prepare, you’ll need to be familiar with all of the main Azure services, as well as how to use, setup, and troubleshoot them in the event of a problem.

If you require an online course, I recommend checking out AZ-104 on Udemy. All of those skills can be learned by studying Microsoft Azure Administrator.

The Most Valuable Azure Certification for System Administrators

8. Google Cloud Associate Engineer

Without Google cloud certification, another major player in the public cloud industry, a list of the finest cloud certifications would be incomplete. When it comes to dealing with Big Data and Machine Learning, Google cloud has some of the strongest capabilities, which is why many entrepreneurs in those disciplines use Google cloud.

For programmers, developers, and software engineers, this is the greatest Google cloud certification.

This certificate holder will be responsible for deploying web applications in the cloud, as well as monitoring and administering the entire corporate solution, as well as customizing access and security.

In terms of exam preparation, this Ultimate Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer course can assist you in learning and passing the exam.

Beginner’s Guide to Google Cloud Certification

9. Google Cloud Professional Architect

Another popular and sought-after Google cloud certification is this one. On the Google cloud, this is analogous to AWS solution architect and Azure Technology expert.

This is the ideal Google Cloud certification for experienced IT professionals interested in becoming solution architects for Google Cloud technologies such as Big Table, Big Query, and other GCP platform services.

A professional cloud architect certificate holder has a significant impact on the firm since he can design, develop, deploy, and manage online applications, as well as protect them and take on additional tasks.

This course on udemy, Ultimate Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, is a wonderful resource for preparation for this famous cloud certification.

For Experienced Professionals, the Best Google Cloud Certification

10. Professional AWS Architect

In 2024, this is the ultimate cloud certification you can pursue. It’s also known as the most difficult AWS cloud certification because it necessitates a lot of expertise and knowledge of the AWS cloud platform.

This certification is in high demand because there is always a lack of AWS experts, and I highly suggest it to experienced cloud professionals.

This advanced certification teaches you how to develop and deploy scalable web applications on Amazon AWS servers, as well as how to choose the right service and power for your application, among other things.

In terms of preparation, you’ll likely need to review a variety of resources, including AWS papers, documentation, and courses, but starting with this udemy course, Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect, will be beneficial.

Professionals with a lot of AWS experience should get the Ultimate AWS Certification.


That’s all there is to know about the finest cloud certifications available in 2024. Those certificates, which are provided by cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, are almost the most valuable in the field of cloud computing, and earning one of these certifications will open the door to a successful career in this developing business.

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Last modified: November 7, 2023



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