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CategoriesExam Code100% Pass Dumps
CCNP Enterprise350-401 ENCOR350-401 ENCOR
300-410 ENARSI300-410 ENARSI
300-415 ENSDWI300-415 ENSDWI
300-420 ENSLD300-420 ENSLD
300-425 ENWLSD300-425 ENWLSD
300-430 ENWLSI300-430 ENWLSI
300-435 ENAUTO300-435 ENAUTO

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The network administrator configures a QoS scheduling policy on traffic received from transport side tunnels on WAN Edge 5000 routers at location 406141498 Which command must be configured on these devices?
B.service qos qos
D.mis qos

Correct Answer: A


An engineer is adding a tenant with location JD 306432373 in vManage. What is the maximum number of alphanumeric characters that are accepted in the tenant name field?

Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 3 Which on-the-box security feature supported by the Cisco ISR 4451 SD-WAN device and not on vEdge?

A.Cloud Express service
B.Enterprise Firewall with Application Awareness
C.reverse proxy
D.IPsec/GRE cloud proxy
Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 4 A network administrator is configuring VRRP to avoid a traffic black hole when the transport side of the network is down on the master device. What must be configured to get the fastest failover to standby?

A.lower timer interval
B.prefix-list tracking
C.higher group ID number
D.OMP tracking

Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 5 Which policy configures an application-aware routing policy under Configuration > Policies?

A.Localized policy
B.Centralized policy
C.Data policy
D.Control policy

Correct Answer: B

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Which attributes are configured to uniquely Identify and represent a TLOC route?

A. system IP address, link color, and encapsulation
B. firewall, IPS, and application optimization
C. site ID, tag, and VPN
D. origin, originator, and preference

Correct Answer: A


Which two platforms for the Cisco SD-WAN architecture are deployable in a hypervisor on-premises or in IAAS Cloud? (Choose two.)

A.CSR 1000v
B.vEdge 100c
C.vEdge Cloud
D.vEdge 2000
E.ISR 4431

Correct Answer: A C


Which two products are used to deploy Cisco WAN Edge Router virtual platforms? (Choose two.)

A.HP ProLiant DL360 Generatton10 running HP-UX
B.Cisco ENCS 5000 Series
C.Sun SPARC Node running AIX
D.Cisco UCS
E.Sun Enterprise M4000 Server running Sun Solans

Correct Answer: B,D

QUESTION 9 How does the replicator role function in cisco SD-WAN?

A.WAN Edge devices advertise the rendezvous point to all the receivers through the underlay network.
B. vSmart Controllers advertise the rendezvous point to all the receivers through the overlay network.
C.WAN Edge devices advertise the rendezvous point to all receivers through the overlay network.
D. vSmart Controllers advertise the rendezvous point to all the receivers through the underlay network.
Correct Answer: B

QUESTION 10 When redistribution is configured between OMP and BGP at two Data Center sites that have Direct Connection interlink, which step avoids learning the same routes on WAN Edge routers of the DCs from LAN?

A.Define different VRFs on both DCs
B.Set same overlay AS on both DC WAN Edge routers
C.Set down-bit on Edge routers on DC1
D.Set OMP admin distance lower than BGP admin distance

Correct Answer: B


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