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The CCNP 350-401 ENCOR Certification Exam would be able to help you out in understanding your knowledge about implementing core enterprise network technologies which would be including dual-stack architecture (IPv4 and IPv6), infrastructure, virtualization, security, network assurance, and automation.

CCNP 350-401 ENCOR Certification

The CCNP 350-401 is considered to be a 120-minute exam that would be associated with Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Core, CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure and CCIE Enterprise Wireless Certifications. The exam is going to be hosted by Pearson VUE.

It is considered to be a necessary examination for the CCNP Track, Once you would have cleared one of the concentration exams along with ENCOR, you would able to gain the title of CCNP Enterprise Certified.

You are required to pursue certain additional Certifications, if you wish to speed up your career growth as a network engineer, you should pursue some additional certifications. The network engineering field is considered to be quite enjoyable, high paying and challenging, hence if you wish to make your future in it, you should gain the CCNP Enterprise Certification and for that, you could utilize SPOTO Club’s Training Courses for best results.

One of the important things to do is to achieve CCNP Enterprise certification (will effect from 24th February 2020). This is a type of certification that proves your skills with enterprise networking solutions. In order to get that certification, you need to go through two exams:

  1. One that is designed to cover core enterprise technologies
  2. and another one enterprise concentration exam of your choice

So, you would be able to customize your certification to your technical area of focus. It would be advisable to clear a core exam and an enterprise concentration exam of your choice to become CCNP Certified. Recommend to read “Free Download 2020 SPOTO CCNP EI 350-401 Exam Demo

CCNP Certification Core exam:

This exam is considered to be focused on your knowledge about enterprise infrastructure, like the following:
• Automation
• Dual-Stack (Ipv4 And Ipv6) Architecture
• Infrastructure
• Network Assurance
• Security
• Virtualization

The core exam would be also the qualifying exam for CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure as well as CCIE Enterprise Wireless certifications. If you clear this exam, it would be able to help you out in earning any or all of these certifications.

CCNP Certification Concentration exam:

This exam would be designed with a focus on growing as well as industry specified topics, which would be including the following:
• Advanced Routing
• Automation
• Network Design
• Wireless

In the concentration exam, you would be given 6 choices of exams and you would be required to choose one from them for earning a certificate. By sitting for corresponding Cisco training courses, you would be able to prepare for concentration exams.

The Future of CCNP Enterprise Certification Program:
The new CCNP Enterprise certification program has been designed for preparing candidates so that they could handle today’s professional-level job roles in enterprise networking technologies.

The new program would comprise of programmability and automation. This would be able to help the aspirants to scale their knowledge of networking infrastructure. Being one of the most reputable certification courses, CCNP would be certifying the core knowledge a candidate would be required to have while providing the flexibility of choosing a focus area.

The new exam in the CCNP Enterprise program would be able to help you out in earning Specialist certification. So you would be considered to have undertakings along the way. Hence, if you have a goal in mind of making the future with the CCNP Certification, you would have to go through the new futuristic exam i.e. 350-401 ENCOR for achieving it. To crack this exam is again not as easy as pie, hence it is advised that you enroll yourself into good and reliable training courses such offered at the SPOTO Club.

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Last modified: July 16, 2020



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