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A few months would have passed since Cisco announced changes to its certification program. Let’s have a look at the changes occurred on the new CCNA exam. How is it going to impact the industry, and more importantly, learners? Previously, we would be reviewing the new CCNA and what you would be expecting from the new exams. This time, we would be taking a look at the why behind the new CCNA Certification. If you wish, you could even take a look at their new CCNA training. Cisco always had a winning formula with the CCNA for quite a while. It is considered to be one of the most popular IT certifications and it would be well-respected. This suggests that they are required to have good reasons for the changes, and in our judgment, they did.

The changes would be helping to better get aligned the CCNA with where IT is going and empowering the cert-seekers. With that said, let’s discuss the reasons why you should take the new CCNA Exam. Also, check out the training courses which are being offered at the SPOTO Club to ensure that you succeed in your New CCNA Certification Exam.

What would be the meaning of New CCNA for You?

So that now we would be having an idea of the reasoning behind these changes. They would seem to make a lot of sense for Cisco. However, it would be considered quite important to consider what they would be meaning for you as a certification-seeker. Therefore, one of the key reasons for the changes would be quite simple; they would be adding much more value for IT professionals that would be gaining the certifications. This is going to keep the CCNA quite in demand. Let’s check out some more reasons for you to take the new CCNA Certification.

CCNA Provides a Strong Foundation

Cisco would have done a great job of simplifying its certification offerings as well as watching what your employers would be looking for. This is especially true for their CCNA where the companies wouldn’t be usually looking for anyone to specialize at the associate level. With the new CCNA, you would be learning the basics that could qualify you for associate-level roles such as junior network analyst. When you would be ready for advancing in your career, you could work on specialist certifications while working toward a CCNP. The new program Cisco would be putting together would be giving you the flexibility to go more easily from the associate level to whatever your employers would be required to are.

CCNA would be Validating In-Demand Skills

With so many changes in tech as well as IT industries, you would require a way to show you’re staying current with these advancements. That’s where certifications come in and Cisco’s certifications would be the strong ones for adding to your resume. Staying up to date with tech would be demonstrating leadership. By building the skills which would be required to maintain their networks, employers would be placing more trust in you. Earning their trust could pay off in the long run as well as position you to cultivate into leadership roles.

Final Thoughts
The old CCNA wouldn’t be broken, but Cisco was recognized and proactive in areas for improvement. The new CCNA is considered to be much easier to follow and you should provide a lot of benefits to certification-seekers. Cisco’s logic here would sound legit. Make the changes to modernize the CCNA content as well as simplifying the certification path. But, you are going to require some good and reliable training courses, such offered by the SPOTO Club.

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Last modified: November 8, 2021



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