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This is a collection of practice questions with exam-like topics and patterns, which are ideal for practicing and studying for the Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions (SPRI) 300-510 Exam.

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CCNP Service Provider350-501 SPCOR350-501 SPCOR
300-510 SPRI300-510 SPRI
300-515 SPVI300-515 SPVI
300-535 SPAUTO300-535 SPAUTO

Question 1

For which reason can two devices fail to establish an OSPF
neighbor relationship?
A. The two devices have different process IDs
B. The two devices have different network types
C. The two devices have different router IDs
D. The two devices have the same area ID
Correct Answer: B

Question 2

Which statement about enabling segment routing
for IGPs is true?
A. Segment routing must first be enabled under then routing process and then globally
B. Segment routing must first be enabled globally and then under the routing process
C. Segment routing can be enabled only under the routing process
D. Segment routing can be enabled only globally
Correct Answer: B

Question 3
Which task is performed when troubleshooting LDP?
A. Execute the ping utility to generate information about the MAC addresses used along the path
B. Verify that MPLS is disabled globally and enabled on the necessary interfaces in a per-interface basis
C. Execute the traceroute utility to generate information about the labels used along the path
D. Verify that Cisco Express Forwarding has been disabled on the network
Correct Answer: C

Question 4
What can be used to determine a path from the head-end to a tail-end router when implementing SR-TE with a head-end, with little information on the network topology?
A. traffic controller
B. path computation engine
C. tail-end router
D. SNMP server
Correct Answer: B

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Question 5
Which two conditions must be met before separate ISPs can provide interdomain multicast routing? (Choose two.)
A. Each ISP must configure MSDP to connect its individual multicast administrative domain to the domains at other ISPs.
B. Each ISP must dedicate a single router to handle multicast traffic between providers.
C. Each ISP must replace its RP assignment with a global RP.
D. Each ISP must configure its network to use PIM-DM.
E. Each ISP must support intradomain multicast routing.
Correct Answer: AE

Question 6
An engineer is troubleshooting a connectivity issue across the MPLS network and is verifying the forwarding behavior of packets. Which table does the engineer look at to verify the forwarding behavior of an IP packet as it enters the MPLS network at the ingress LSR?
Correct Answer: A

Question 7

You have configured MSDP peering between two autonomous systems that pass traffic between two sites, but the peering has failed to come up.
Which task do you perform to begin troubleshooting the problem?

A. Verify that multicast has been disabled globally
B. Verify that PIM-DM is configured on the source interface
C. Verify that both source interfaces are reachable from both peers
D. Verify that the two MSDP peers allow asymmetric routing
Correct Answer: C

Question 8

For which reason do you deploy BGP confederations within a BGP transit backbone?
A. to support a larger number of eBGP peer sessions
B. to increase the number of routes that can be redistributed between the running IGP and BGP
C. to reduce the number of eBGP routes that must be shared between autonomous systems
D. to reduce the number of iBGP peering sessions
Correct Answer: D

Question 9

Which feature is used in multicast routing to prevent loops?

B. inverse ARP
D. split horizon
Correct Answer: C

Question 10

After you change the IP address on an IOS XR router, you cannot ping the new address.
Which step did you forget to complete?

A. commit the configuration
B. roll back the configuration
C. merge the configuration
D. save the running configuration

Correct Answer: A

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