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The CCIE Security certification is a recognized IT certification globally that allows you to become an advanced-level qualified security engineer. In the IT industry, CCIE security engineers are in high demand and CCIE security certifications. According to Payscale, the average salary for CCIE certification holders is  $128k per year. In comparison to your existing wage, you might expect a salary increase of 60% to 200 percent after certification.

Prerequisites for CCIE Security 

There are no prerequisites for obtaining the CCIE security certification. CCIE Security does not require any further certification or training. You must simply pass the two certification exams; nevertheless, you must first have a thorough understanding of the exam contents.

CCIE Security Written Exam: 

  1. The written exam-350-701 SCOR lasts for 2 hours, and there are approximately 90-110 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that you must answer within the time limit. 
  2. You must have a specific understanding of developing, implementing, and configuring security systems based on complex Cisco technology, as the majority of the questions will be based on this. You will be eligible for the CCIE Security Lab exam if you pass the 350-701 written exam. 
  3. The written exam will cost you $400.
CategoriesExam Code100% Pass Dumps
CCNP Security350-701 SCOR350-701 SCOR
300-710 SNCF 300-710 SNCF
300-715 SISE 300-715 SISE
300-720 SESA 300-720 SESA
300-725 SWSA300-725 SWSA
300-730 SVPN300-730 SVPN
300-735 SAUTO300-735 SAUTO

CCIE Security Lab Exam: 

  1. The lab exam lasts 8 hours and assesses your knowledge of network security planning, design, deployment, operation, and optimization.
  2. To pass the CCIE Security lab exam, you must meet the following requirements: – The CCIE Security lab exam is only available after completing the writing exam. If you pass the CCIE written exam, you must take your first lab exam within 18 months of passing the written exam. If you fail the lab exam, your second attempt should be within 12 months of your first attempt. If you fail the lab exam within three years of passing the written exam, you must retake the writing exam before attempting the lab exam again.
  3. Cost of a Lab Exam: – $1600.

The entire exam will cost you around $2,000, while training and study materials are not included. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money and time if they aren’t going to pass their tests! As a result, the following recommendations are ideal for exam preparation, particularly for lab exams, which are more difficult than written exams!

Tips to Pass the CCIE Security Exams:

Download Exam Topics Online PDF

Get the online PDF for written and lab exam topics. These PDFs can be available on the Cisco or SPOTO websites.  With exam topics, you can be familiar with them and plan accordingly.

Recognize the Topology

Exams confirm your technological abilities and assess your understanding of topology and configuration methods. The topology produced by SPOTO experts is shown below! You should be pretty familiar with Cisco security systems.

Study Guides and Practice Exams

The issue about IT is that it is constantly changing. There is no single textbook that will be enough to pass this exam. If you don’t want to fail, you’ll need to read many books and write a lot of research papers on the subject.

On top of that, the practice tests can be beneficial. These tests will ensure that you know exactly what to expect, not to be taken off guard. Trainers can also assist you with them because they have already completed them.

SPOTO CCIE Security V6.0 Lab Workbook Demo PDF 

Practice in the lab

Do as much lab practice as possible on all topics and clear all uncertainties during security labs. When you’re stuck, go to your trainers or lab teacher for help. Finally, we arrive at the most significant aspect — lab practice. You will not pass the final exam unless you put in the effort and practice in the lab. It is totally up to you to enroll in a lab training course or establish your lab by yourself. The only distinction is how you choose to study and practice. It is strongly recommended that you select the training course which provides you several hours of practice per day, seven days a week, and the chance to ask others for help if you get stuck.

Rent a Rack for Practice

You can hire a rack for lab practice, which will provide you with hands-on experience with the CCIE security system. Rent a rack from SPOTO and access the workbook, study materials, and online help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Active on CCIE forums:

  1. Participate in active CCIE forums where trained CCIE security professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  2. Ask questions, clear doubts, and stay in touch with them.
  3. Participate in as many CCIE forums as possible.
  4. Join our CCIE study group to share your knowledge or get experience!

What will you get if you purchase the SPOTO CCIE Security Lab Course Package?

According to this CCIE Security v6.0 LAB study plan, if you spend 24 hours each day on lab practice, you can take the lab exam after two months. You can begin service whenever you want! We offer three months of adjustable service time based on your needs.

  • Workbooks and solutions for the real CCIE Lab exam (cover DES & DOO Module)
  • Remote rack access provides entire lab practice, including IOS and init settings…
  • a video tutorial that discusses the workbook and solution
  • Keep up to date with free
  • Ensure that the workbook and solution pass
  • Within three months, you might have up to 130 hours of remote rack use time (4 hours per session).
  • 7/24 instructor support for any issues you may have Service extension in the event of a failure


CCIE security certificates are a very reputable exam, and it remains a desire for many applicants to pass CCIE security certification and become a member of the “Hall of CCIE.” Begin preparing for your CCIE Security certification immediately, and try to pass these exams on your first try using SPOTO 350-701 exam dumps and CCIE Security v6.0 lab exam workbooks and solutions! Best wishes and good luck.

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