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What exactly is AWS? How do I get certified? How do I get started with AWS? Which AWS cloud certification study path is the most appropriate for your needs? Specific certificates are required for which occupations, and which ones are optional? Yes, when you intend to start your AWS journey, you will meet lots of questions. No worries, in this post, we collect the top questions that are most frequently asked. Let’s check:

When preparing for an AWS Certification test, is there any compulsory training or exams that must be completed?

Completing certification training is suggested as part of your certification preparation, but it is not required to complete the Certification. You can take some free AWS training online.

Visit this page to identify the role-based learning route that is most appropriate for you.

Which AWS Certification is the most appropriate for me?

Learn more about each AWS Certification test by visiting this page. More information on the advantages of AWS Certification may be found here.

What is the procedure for registering to take an AWS Certification exam?

For more information about registering for a test, go onto and select Certification from the top navigation bar. After that, choose Certification AWS Account from the drop-down menu and then Schedule New Exam. Locate the test you desire to take and click either the Schedule at PSI or the Pearson VUE option to schedule your exam time and location. You will then be forwarded to the test delivery provider’s scheduling website, where you will finish the registration process for your examination.

What is the policy on retakes?

Passing an exam does not guarantee a repeat; therefore, test takers who fail must wait 14 days before being eligible to retake the exam. There is no limit to the number of times a test taker can retake the exam until they pass. The entire registration fee must be paid for each exam attempt to participate. Beta exam test takers are only permitted to attempt the exam once.

When will I be able to receive my exam results?

The testing page will provide success or fail message when you have completed your exam.

The majority of our examinations are graded on a scale of 1 to 10. You will receive an email verifying that your exam has been completed. Your complete exam results will be accessible on your AWS Certification Account under Previous Exams within five business days of finishing your test. Please check your AWS Certification Account for further information. Our practice tests and the AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty and AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty certifications employ the original percentage scoring mechanism, which is still in use today. After finishing the exam, you will receive an email with a copy of your exam results, including a breakdown of your performance. If you pass your test within five business days of completing it, your AWS Certification Account will have a record of your exam results in the Previous Exams section.

The findings of a beta test are generally accessible 90 days (13 weeks) or less after the beta exam has concluded. Once your test results are available in your AWS Certification Account, you will be alerted via email that they are accessible.

If I cannot make it to my planned appointment, is it possible to postpone my examination?

Yes. You have the option to cancel or reschedule your test up to 24 hours before your booked appointment without incurring any fees. Visit your AWS Certification Account and select the Manage PSI Exams to apply for AWS PSI exam reschedule or Manage Pearson VUE Exams option to reschedule your test. If you planned with PSI, go to the scheduled exam page and click on the “View Details” option next to the exam you wish to manage. If you scheduled your exam with Pearson VUE, you might manage your scheduled exams by selecting them from the Upcoming Appointments drop-down menu. It is no longer possible to cancel or postpone your appointment after reaching the 24-hour window before your booked appointment date and time. Missing your planned exam appointment will result in the forfeiture of the exam money, with no possibility of receiving a refund. You will not be allowed to register for the exam again until 24 hours after the time you missed due to scheduling conflicts. The absence from the exam does not result in a “fail” grade.

Please keep in mind that you may only reschedule your appointment up to two times after you have scheduled it. If you need to postpone an appointment a third time, you must cancel the existing one and book a new one. The time restriction for rescheduling will be applied to the new arrangement. Appointments for examinations cannot be canceled fewer than 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

What is the best way to determine whether or not someone is certified?

We give digital badges to everyone who obtains an AWS Certification using Credly’s Acclaim platform, which aids in acknowledging and verifying their achievements. Each AWS Certification digital badge provides an option to prove it, validating and showing the issuance date and the issuer. This feature is available on all AWS Certification digital badges (AWS Training and Certification). Each AWS Certified person has a unique link to their digital badges associated with their AWS Certification. Ask the person who earned it for the URL to their AWS Certification digital badge to validate an AWS Certification. Digital badges can also be connected to social media accounts or personal websites, and other sources.

Certificates can be downloaded from the AWS Certification Account by those who have earned them. Verification of Certification is possible after obtaining a validation number for your certificate. Additionally, the validation number found on the bottom right of an AWS Certification certificate may be used to confirm the authenticity of a digital certificate.

Are there any advantages to being an AWS Certified professional?

AWS Certification provides you with concrete rewards in addition to certifying your technical abilities. These benefits will assist you in showcasing your accomplishment and advancing your AWS knowledge. For a comprehensive list of advantages, please see the AWS Certification Benefits page.

What exactly are digital badges for AWS Certification?

In exchange for achieving an AWS Certification, you will receive digital badges that you can use to demonstrate your position as a certified professional. We supply digital badges using Credly’s Acclaim platform to give customers various alternatives for recognition and authentication. Use one-click badge sharing on social network newsfeeds, tools for embedding verified badges on websites or in email signatures, and an optional public profile that displays all AWS Certification badges that you have earned. Learn more.

Are there any AWS Certification tests available that you can take from the comfort of your own home or workplace using online proctoring services?

When you book your AWS Certification tests with either Pearson VUE or PSI, you will be able to take advantage of online proctoring.


Hope you find this article be of use to you. If you have anything want to know, welcome to leave your comments and advice. Thanks a lot!

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