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CISA certification is one of the well-known IT certifications to advance your IT career. But meanwhile, the ISACA CISA exam is too difficult for many candidates to pass. Now, since you have clicked into this website, your need not worry about that any longer because SPOTO provides 100% real and reliable ISACA CISA questions and answers files to help you pass in the first try. Also, we have proxy service to help you pass in the shortest time! Click here for more info!

 This CISA free practice exam aims to ensure that you are well-versed with cybersecurity and its nuances. Test now!

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NO.1 In an online application, which of the following would provide the information about the transaction audit trail?

 A. Data architecture

 B. Source code documentation

 C. File layouts

 D. System/process flowchart

 Answer: B

 NO.2 Which of the following is the most significant activity to undertake to avoid rework later in a project?

 A. Control review

 B. Acceptance testing

 C. Risk assessment

 D. Phase review

 Answer: D

 NO.3 An organization’s audit charter should:

 A. detail the audit objectives.

 B. set the enterprise strategic direction.

 C. includes the IS audit plan.

 D. define the auditors’ right to access information.

 Answer: A

NO.4 Which of the following should be performed immediately after a computer security incident has been detected and analyzed by an incident response team?

 A. Eradicate the component that caused the incident

 B. Categorize the incident

 C. Contain the experience before it spreads.

 D. Assess the impact of the incident on critical systems.

NO.5 To maintain the confidentiality of information moved between the office and home on removable media, which of the following is the most reasonable control?

 A. Mandatory file passwords

 B. Security awareness training

 C. Data encryption

 D. Digitally signed media

 Answer: C

NO.6 Which of the following controls can BEST detect accidental corruption during transmission of data across a network?

 A. Symmetric encryption

 B. Check digit verification

C. Parity checking

 D. Sequence checking

 Answer: D

NO.7 Documentation of workaround processes to keep a business function operational during recovery of IT systems is a core part of a:

 A. business impact analysis.

 B. disaster recovery plan

 C. threat and risk assessment

 D. business continuity plan.

 Answer: A

NO.8 In the IT department where segregation of duties is not feasible due to a limited number of resources, a team member performs the functions of a computer operator and reviewer of application logs. Which of the following would be the IS auditor’s BEST recommendation?

 A. Restrict the computer operator’s access to the production environment

 B. Prevent the operator from performing application development activities.

 C. Develop procedures to verify that the application logs are not modified.

 D. Assign an independent second reviewer to confirm the application logs.

 Answer: C

NO.9 Which of the following auditing techniques would be used to detect a credit card transaction’s validity based on time, location, and date of purchase?

 A. Gap analysis

 B. Data mining

 C. Benford’s analysis

 D. Stratified sampling

 Answer: D

NO.10 Which of the following is the most productive means of helping management and the IT strategy committee monitor IT performance?

 A. Infrastructure monitoring reports

 B. Gap analysis

 C. Measurement of service levers against metrics

 D. End-user satisfaction surveys

 Answer: C

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