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The ISACA CISA certification would validate your knowledge for information systems auditing, control, assurance, security, cybersecurity, and governance. This globally recognized certification is considered to be one of the few certificates which would be specifically designed for IT auditors. To obtain this certification, you must get the SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps to obtain success in the very first attempt.

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CISA certification requirements

For applying for the CISA exam, you would be required at least five years of professional information systems control, auditing, or security work experience within the past ten years. 

You could receive a waiver for up to three years of experience if you would be having the following:

  • Maximum of one year of IS experience or non-IS auditing experience.
  • The correspondent of a two or four-year degree could be substituted for one to two years of experience.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Master’s Degree from a university teaching the ISACA-sponsored curriculum could be substituted for one year of experience.
  • Master’s Degree in IT or IS from an accredited university is correspondent to one year of experience.
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CISA Exam Overview:

The CISA exam is considered to be graded on a scale of 200 to 800 points. For clearing, you would be required to earn a score of 450 or higher. You would be given four hours to complete the 150-question multiple-choice exam, covering the five main job practice areas in IS audit, control, and security:

  • Domain 1: – (21%) – The process of auditing information systems 
  • Domain 2: – (16%) – Governance and management of IT 
  • Domain 3: – (18%) – Information systems acquisition, development, and implementation 
  • Domain 4: – (20%) – Information systems operations, maintenance, and service management 
  • Domain 5: – (25%) – Protection of information assets 

CISA Domains Overview:

Domain 1 would cover the basics of IT auditing, including the execution of the risk-based. IT audits of high-risk areas and ensure the strategy is compliant with audit standards. It would also be including planning audits, conducting audits, communicating audit results, and conducting follow-ups to see whether anything required to be adjusted.

Domain 2 would be including all the steps of evaluation IT auditors required to take to ensure that the necessary leadership and organizational structures and processes are considered to be in place for achieving objectives and supporting the organization’s strategic goals, as per the ISACA. Tasks would include the evaluation of IT strategies, organizational structures, governance, resource management, risk management, portfolio management, control monitoring, reporting of KPIs, and the organization’s business continuity plan.

Domain 3 would be involving all the steps for the acquisition, development, testing, and implementation of IT systems for meeting the organization’s aims. This would include evaluating proposed IT investments, contract management processes, project management frameworks, and IT supplier selection. This domain would also cover the conducting reviews for ensuring the projects would be delivered on time, evaluating the readiness of IT systems for implementation, and conducting post-implementation studies.

Domain 4 would be covering everything you required to ensure that the processes for IT maintenance, operations, and service management aligned with the company’s business aims. It would involve evaluating IT management frameworks and practices and ensuring that the organization would be following the established best rules. It would also include assessing how IT operations, data quality, maintenance, and database management practices align with the business’s objectives and strategy. 

Domain 5 would be focusing on everything related to keeping the business’ information assets secure and confidential. This would be including the evaluation of the IT security and privacy policy, standards and procedures in the organization, and ensuring the designing, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring, and reporting of security controls are adequate and effective.

So, now that you have acquired the ISACA CISA Details, and are attracted to gaining it, you should opt for the 100% real and valid SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps to earn it in a single attempt.

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