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NO.1 Palo Alto Networks maintains a dynamic database of malicious domains.

Which two Security Platform components use this database to prevent threats? (Choose two)

A. PAN-DB URL Filtering

B. Brute-force signatures

C. DNS-based command-and-control signatures

D. BrightCloud Url Filtering

Answer: A, C

NO.2 Starling with PAN-OS version 9.1, GlobalProtect logging information is now recorded in which

firewall log?

A. System

B. GlobalProtect

C. Authentication

D. Configuration

Answer: C

NO.3 If an administrator wants to decrypt SMTP traffic and possesses the server’s certificate, which

SSL decryption mode will allow the Palo Alto Networks NGFW to inspect traffic to the server?

A. SMTP Inbound Decryption

B. SSL Inbound Inspection

C. TLS Bidirectional Inspection

D. SSH Forward Proxy

Answer: B

NO.4 Which two actions are required to make Microsoft Active Directory users appear in a firewall

traffic log? (Choose two.)

A. Run the User-ID Agent using an Active Directory account that has a “domain administrator.”


B. Enable User-ID on the zone object for the destination zone

C. Configure a RADIUS server profile to point to a domain controller

D. Run the User-ID Agent using an Active Directory account that has “event log viewer” permissions

E. Enable User-ID on the zone object for the source zone

Answer: D,E

NO.5 Which two are valid ACC GlobalProtect Activity tab widgets? (Choose two)

A. Successful GlobalProtect Connection Activity

B. GlobalProtect Deployment Activity

C. GlobalProtect Quarantine Activity

D. Successful GlobalProtect Deployed Activity

Answer: A, C

NO.6 An administrator has configured the Palo Alto Networks NGFW’s management interface to

connect to the internet through a dedicated path that does not traverse back through the NGFW


Which configuration setting or step will allow the firewall to get automatic application signature


A. A Security policy rule will need to be configured to allow the firewall’s update requests to

the update servers.

B. A Threat Prevention license will need to be installed.

C. A service route will need to be configured.

D. A scheduler will need to be configured for application signatures.

 Answer: D

NO.7 Which two benefits come from assigning a Decryption Profile to a Decryption policy rule with a

“No, Decrypt” action? (Choose two.)

A. Block sessions with expired certificates

B. Block sessions with unsupported cipher suites

C. Block credential phishing

D. Block sessions with client authentication

E. Block sessions with untrusted issuers

Answer: A, E

NO.8 Several offices are connected with VPNs using static IPV4 routes. An administrator has been

tasked with implementing OSPF to replace static routing.

Which step is required to accomplish this goal?

A. Assign an IP address on each tunnel interface at each site

B. Create new VPN zones at each location to terminate each VPN connection

C. Assign OSPF Area ID to all Ethernet and tunnel interfaces

D. Enable OSPFv3 on each tunnel interface and use Area ID

Answer: C

NO.9 Which two mechanisms help prevent a spilled brain scenario an Active/Passive High Availability

(HA) pair? (Choose two)

A. Configure Ethernet 1/1 as HA1 Backup

B. Configure the management interface as HA2 Backup

C. Configure ethernet1/1 as HA3 Backup

D. Configure Ethernet 1/1 as HA2 Backup

E. Configure the management interface as HA3 Backup

F. Configure the management interface as HA1 Backup

Answer: A, F

NO.10 Support for which authentication method was added in PAN-OS 8.0?



C. Diameter


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