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CISA/CISM/CRISC proxy serviceCISA/CISM/CRISC proxy service
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NO.1 Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) can:

A. conduct investigations of attacks from within the network

B. substitute for a firewall.

C. provide information to enhance security infrastructure.

D. compensate for weak authentication mechanisms

Answer: C

NO. 2 An IS auditor would MOST likely recommend that IT management use a balanced scorecard to:

A. Train and educate IT staff

B. Assess IT functions and processes

C. Ensure that IT staff meet performance requirements

D. Indicate whether the organization meets quality standards

Answer: B

NO.3 An organization has implemented an automated match between purchase orders, goods receipts, and invoices.

Which of the following risks will this control BEST mitigate?

A. Delay of purchase orders

B. A legitimate transaction being paid multiple times

C. Customer discounts not being applied

D. Invalid payments being processed by the system

Answer: D

NO.4 Which of the following is most significant when planning a network audit?

A. Determination of IP range in use

B. Analysts of traffic content

C. Identification of existing nodes

D. Isolation of rogue access points

Answer: D

NO.5 Which of the following access rights in the production environment should be granted to a developer to maintain duties segregation?

A. System administration

B. Emergency support

C. IT operations

D. Database administration

Answer: B

NO.6 When reviewing data center operations’ effectiveness, the IS auditor would FIRST -establish that system performance:

A. is within generally accepted reliability levels for that system.

B. meets the expected targets specified by the manufacturer.

C. reflects the likely usage levels established at implementation.

D. is monitored and reported against agreed service levels.

Answer: D

NO.7 What is the BEST indicator of the successful implementation of an organization s information security policy?

A. Reduced number of successful phishing incidents

B. Reduced number of help desk calls

C. Reduced number of false-positive security events

D. Reduced number of noncompliance penalties incurred

Answer: A

NO.8 Adopting a service-oriented architecture would MOST likely:

A. inhibit integration with legacy systems.

B. facilitate connectivity between partners.

C. streamline all internal processes.

D. compromise application software security

Answer: B

NO.9 Which of the following would provide the BEST evidence for the forensic investigation of an employee’s hard drive?

A. Bit-stream copy of the hard drive

B. Prior backups

C. A file-level copy of the hard drive

D. Memory dump to an external hard drive

Answer: B

NO.10 Before the migration of acquired software into production, it is vital that the IS auditor review the:

A. vendor testing report.

B. source code escrow agreement.

C. user acceptance lest report.

D. system documentation.

Answer: D

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