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Which type of adversary would commit cybercrimes with the authorization of their country’s government?

A. state-sponsored

B. hacktivist

C. gray hat

D. white hat

Correct Answer: A


When does a company choose to deploy a branch location with antivirus software? Which risk model are they using to manage risk?

A. limiting

B. assuming

C. transferring

D. avoiding

Correct Answer: A


Which option describes a characteristic of a distributed denial-of-service attack?

A. uses multiple types of malware to corrupt system services

B. uses a single remote host to delete data from multiple target servers

C. uses a single remote host to flood a target network with traffic

D. uses a botnet to flood traffic to a target network

Correct Answer: D


What is a component of critical public infrastructure?

A. Key Distribution Center

B. KDC ticket

C. SSH key

D. certificate authority

Correct Answer: D


From which resource can a Palo Alto Networks firewall get URL category information for URLs whose categories cannot be found on the firewall?

A. App-ID database

B. WildFire

C. PDF file

D. PAN-DB database

Correct Answer: D


What does a hypervisor enable?

A. high-speed searching of already aggregated security log files

B. high-speed aggregation and viewing of security log files

C. multiple physical machines to be configured into a high-performance cluster

D. multiple guest operating systems to run on a single physical machine

Correct Answer: D


Identify a weakness of a perimeter-based network security strategy to protect an organization’s endpoint systems.

A. It cannot identify command-and-control traffic.

B. It cannot monitor all potential network ports.

C. It assumes that all internal devices are untrusted.

D. It assumes that every internal endpoint can be trusted.

Correct Answer: D


Which type of security device uses a single-pass, parallel processor hardware architecture to accelerate content inspection?

A. unified threat management

B. stateless firewalls

C. next-generation firewall

D. PoS-based firewall

Correct Answer: C


Which well-known port is associated with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol?

A. 143

B. 25

C. 997

D. 40

Correct Answer: B


To which type of organization does the PCI DSS apply?

A. any organization that accepts, transmits, or stores any cardholder data

B. organizations that only accept cardholder data regardless of size or number of transactions

C. only organizations larger than 100 employees that accept, transmit, or store any cardholder data

D. organizations that only transmit data regardless of size or number of transactions

Correct Answer: A

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