There are many candidates curious about the PMP salaries; however, before knowing about the PMP certification perks and benefits, they should first realize they can become a part of this community. The PMP certification is for the candidates working in the project management industry, and yes, the PMP certification brings good salaries, perks, and bonuses to the certification holders.

So, suppose you are already working in the project management field and fulfill the PMP certification exam’s eligibility criteria. In that case, this article can give you a glimpse to decide either this certification worth your time and money. First, you can note that many other benefits can be reaped after passing the PMP certification exam. This clearly states that the salary is not the only aspect that can be considered while planning for the PMP certification. Therefore, passing the PMP exam with SPOTO updated and real PMP exam questions, which help candidates qualify in their PMP exam with outstanding marks, can increase PMP salaries and level up their career.

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PMP certification is the gold standard in the project management industry; the PMP-certified individuals prefer to lead their upcoming projects. Moreover, this PMP certification is becoming mandatory for some projects, and it will become compulsory for all projects in the coming future.

According to the PMI official site, the PMP-certified individuals immediately get a 25% rise in their salary right after passing their exam. However, the PMP-certified candidates’ wages depend on the nature of work and the position they are serving. Here are some of the critical functions and their estimated annual salaries;

Project managers serving in the PMO are entitled to salaries ranging from 100K to 200K depending on their positions. The PMO (Project Management Office) is the place where the projects are initiated. All the budgeting, planning, creating, etc., is done in this PMO office. So the project managers serving in the PMO are in senior job roles with good numbers of years in service.   

Therefore they are entitled to a healthy per annum income with the range mentioned above.

Project managers working in construction-related projects are also entitled to a hefty salary ranging from 100k to 150k, depending on the nature of their job and position. The project manager in this field has to work and look after multi remote construction sites, and they also have to frequently move between these remote sites. This position can be challenging because the individuals should possess many other skills related to other trades for fair negotiation and execution of the project. 

Project management consultants can make around a salary of around 145k Usd per annum, depending on their consultation with other project management firms. These individuals are those who are working on multiple projects as a consultant.

Project managers working in aerospace, engineering, pharmaceuticals, resource, etc., can usually earn an average annual income ranging from 110k to 135k USD. 

In addition to the nature of work and the position you are serving, other factors can also contribute to a PMP certification salary as a PMP certified professional. The size of the company you work for and the size of the projects you manage, including budget and project team size, may be factors that affect your overall compensation and career opportunities.

PMP Salary Increase and Tenure

In most industries and positions, you can expect an increase in your salary commensurate with your experience and tenure. For PMP certification holders, this continues to hold. PMP certification holders enjoy salary increases all the time because they have maintained their certification for an increased number of years.

Those who hold PMP certifications have been paid more than their non-certified counterparts, and their status as certified professionals has further compounded these increased salaries.

So, concluding to the end, any PMP aspirant should know that passing the PMP certification exam will be the most crucial part of unlocking a rewarding career full of better benefits and income. Exam preparation and practicing exam dumps can help allocate ample time for every question asked in the upcoming exam. These practice exam dumps can be available at SPOTO for download and practice.

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