Professionals will prepare for the PMP exam based on their time, responsibilities, budget, and other factors. However, the practical exam is the standard recommendation of many training providers and successful candidates recommendation. To understand the best PMP exam simulator, we should first understand what a PMP exam simulator is:

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What is a PMP emulator?

The PMP exam simulator is considered a test engine program that will enable people to take actual exams with content, style, and difficulty similar to real exams. One of the benefits provided by test simulators is that they will familiarize personnel with an environment similar to actual exams.

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1. Master of Project College

The Master of Project Academy is considered an online learning company based in New York. Since the beginning of 2012, the program will help more than 50,000 professionals in more than 180 countries/regions pass the PMP certification exam, many of whom are trying for the first time. It provides a PMP exam simulator, which will include seven mock exams or a total of 1400 PMP exam questions. People think that these realistic online exams can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet. The lifetime access plan is priced at US$145, and therefore the monthly plan is priced at US$45 per month, which may be canceled at any time.

2. EduHubSpot

EduHubSpot is regarded as a professional training provider for PMP and CAPM, whether in the classroom or online environment. It will also provide several PMP practice test simulator packages, including a customizable package. The starting price of the test pack module is US$59.99, which includes 4 test modules, each containing 200 questions, and you can choose to add 275 chapter questions for US$14.99. Other packages will consist of 35 “contact time” packages and “do it yourself” packages, all of which can be used for approximately 90 days.

3. PMStudy

PMStudy is regarded as a PMP certification, exam preparation training provider, and PMI registered education provider. It will provide classrooms and virtual courses. It will also offer online simulated practice tests included in the online time. The free online course will consist of a free trial of 200 questions and some videos and learning materials. It can only be used for three days. The silver plan starts at $25, includes one free test and the choice of 1 or more tests, and requires a corresponding fee of 60 days. The Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan will include all four tests that can be accessed between 30 and 180 days.

4. PMTraining

PMTraining is considered an award-winning provider of PMP training and exam preparation courses created by Christopher Scordo. The professional PMP practice exam will include more than 1,000 practice exam questions, detailed instructions, and references to the PMBOK page for each question. It will also conduct about 20 simplified mock exams, ten knowledge area tests, dashboards, reports, tips, and video tutorials. Users can create their PMP exams from the database. The price for a 90-day visit is approximately US$68.

What about SPOTO?

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Therefore, if you want to successfully pass the PMP exam, you must choose the above simulator, or you can succeed by getting the SPOTO PMP exam dump for the first time.

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