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You have an Azure subscription that contains ten virtual machines on a virtual network.

It would help if you created a graph visualization to display the traffic flow between the virtual machines. What should you do from Azure Monitor?

A. From the Activity log, use quick insights.

B. From Metrics, create a chart.

C. From Logs, create a new query.

D. From Workbooks, create a workbook.

Correct Answer: C


You have an Azure subscription that contains 100 virtual machines.

You have a set of Pester tests in PowerShell that validate the virtual machine environment.

It will help if you run the tests whenever there is an operating system update on the virtual machines. The solution must minimize implementation time and recurring costs. Which three resources should you use to implement the tests? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

Note: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. Azure Automation runbook

B. an alert rule

C. an Azure Monitor query

D. a virtual machine that has network access to the 100 virtual machines

E. an alert action group

Correct Answer: ABE


You have an Azure subscription that contains an Azure Log Analytics workspace.

You have a resource group that contains 100 virtual machines. The virtual machines run Linux. It would help if you collected events from the virtual machines to the Log Analytics workspace.

Which type of data source should you configure in the workspace?

A. Syslog

B. Linux performance counters

C. custom fields

Correct Answer: A


You have an Azure subscription.

You have 100 Azure virtual machines.

You need to quickly identify underutilized virtual machines that can have their service tier changed to a less expensive offering. Which blade should you use?

A. Metrics

B. Customer sights

C. Monitor

D. Advisor

Correct Answer: D


You have an Azure App Service app.

It would help if you implemented tracing for the app. The tracing information must include the following:

·Usage trends

·AJAX call responses

·Page load speed by browser

·Server and browser exceptions What should you do?

A. Configure IIS logging in Azure Log Analytics.

B. Configure a connection monitor in Azure Network Watcher.

C. Configure custom logs in Azure Log Analytics.

D. Enable the Azure Application Insights site extension.

Correct Answer: D


You have an Azure virtual machine named VM1 and an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant named VM1 has the following settings:

IP address:

System-assigned managed identity: On

It would help if you created a script that will run from within VM1 to retrieve the authentication token of VM1. Which address should you use in the script?





Correct Answer: B


You are designing an Azure solution.

The solution must meet the following requirements:

Distribute traffic to different pools of dedicated virtual machines (VMs) based on rules. Provide SSL offloading capabilities.

It would help if you recommended a solution to distribute network traffic. Which technology should you recommend?

A. server-level firewall rules

B. Azure Traffic Manager

C. Azure Load Balancer

D. Azure Application Gateway

Correct Answer: B


You create a container image named Image1 on a developer workstation.

You plan to create an Azure Web App for Containers named WebAppContainer that will use Image1. You need to upload Image1 to Azure. The solution must ensure that WebAppContainer can use Image1. To which storage type should you upload Image1?

A. an Azure Storage account that contains a blob container

B. Azure Container Instances

C. Azure Container Registry

D. an Azure Storage account that contains a file share

Correct Answer: C


You have an Azure Cosmos DB account named Account1. Account1 includes a database named DB1 that contains a container named Container1. The partition key for Container1 is set to /city.

You plan to change the partition key for Container1. What should you do first?

A. Delete Container1.

B. Create a new container in DB1.

C. Implement the Azure Cosmos DB.NET.SDK.

D. Regenerate the keys for Account1.

Correct Answer: B


You have an Azure subscription that contains a resource group named RG1. RG1 contains multiple resources. It would help if you triggered an alert when the resources in RG1 consume USD 1,000.

What should you do?

A. From Cost Management + Billing, add a cloud connector.

B. From the subscription, create an event subscription.

C. From Cost Management + Billing, create a budget.

D. From RG1, create an event subscription.

Correct Answer: C

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