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The CCIE Certification is one of the most widely recognized and respected certification programs in the industry. It is a valuable tool for any IT professional working in networking, cybersecurity, and other areas. However, CCIE Lab has a low passing rate.

Suppose you are prepared to sit for the exam this year. SPOTO is the ideal solution for you. You only need to prepare one set of questions for the exam rather than five sets of questions that occur in the exam randomly. 

More CCIE Passes in August at SPOTO

SPOTO would like to congratulate the following engineers who have just conquered the CCIE Lab Exam in August. As the world 1st pass CCIE DC, sec lab, SPOTO’s candidates keep passes CCIE EI Lab, as you can see from the passing report below. This is the success story that you can repeat with SPOTO’s service! GET free a workbook demo and get updated an study plan.

spoto ccie lab passing report

Discover Our CCIE Service Package

Looking for your CCIE certification? CCIE Lab Exams are $1,600 USD per attempt, not including travel and lodging expenses. Why now try SPOTO service to pass on the 1st attempt?  SPOTO’s CCIE Lab exam workbooks and solutions are ready for you. 

SPOTO CCIE EI/DC/SEC/SP Lab Exams are Now Available! Now is the time to book at a discount! Join SPOTO, which has over 2100 CCIE holders, and you will be the next.

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Last modified: August 27, 2021



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