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CISA certification is the stepping stone to give your IT career a lift. However, many candidates may find it difficult to pass the ISACA CISA exam. Don’t worry! Since you are reading this post, you are in the right place! SPOTO offers 100% real and valid ISACA CISA questions and answers to help you pass in the first try. Also, we have a proxy service to help you pass with ease!

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1. An IS auditor finds that a business impact analysis (BIA) has not been performed during a disaster recovery audit. The auditor should FIRST:

A. conduct additional compliance testing.
B. perform a business impact analysis (BIA).
C. evaluate the impact on current disaster recovery capability.
D. issue an intermediate report to management.

2. An organization has implemented a distributed security administration system to replace the previous centralized one. Is auditor’s GREATEST concern should be that:

A. security procedures may be inadequate to support the change.
B. end-user acceptance of the new system is likely to be challenging to obtain.
C. the new system will require additional training.
D. a distributed security system is inherently a weak security system

3. Which of the following is the MOST critical requirement for an IS auditor to evaluate when reviewing a transmission of personally identifiable information (PII) between two organizations?

A. Necessity
B. Completeness
C. Timeliness
D. Accuracy

4. Which of the following is the most useful way to assess whether an outsourcer’s controls follow the service level agreement (SLA)?
A. Perform an onsite review of the outsourcer.
B. Review the outsourcer’s monthly service reports.
C. Perform a check of penalty clauses for non-performance.
D. Review an internal audit report from the outsourcer’s auditor

5. Which of the following BEST indicates the effectiveness of an organization’s risk management program?
A. Control risk is minimized.
B. Inherent risk is eliminated.
C. Residual risk is minimized.
D. The overall risk is quantified.

6. Which of the following is MOST likely to be included in a post-implementation review?
A. Results of live processing
B. Current sets of test data
C. Test results
D. Development methodology

7. An IS auditor is mapping controls to risk for an accounts payable system. What is the BEST rule to detect errors in the system?
A. Alignment of the process to business objectives
B. Management approval of payments
C. Input validation
D. Quality control review of new payments

8. Attribute sampling is BEST suited to estimate:
A. compliance with approved procedures.
B. the actual monetary value of a population.
C. the total error amount in the population.
D. whether a recorded balance is within limits of materiality.

9. Which of the following would BEST prevent data from being orphaned?
A. Table indexes
B. Input validation checks
C. Referential integrity
D. Table partitioning

10. At what point in software development should the user acceptance test plan be prepared?
A. Implementation planning
B. Requirements definition
C. Transfer into production
D. Feasibility study

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