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CISA Books: Your Best Options

ISACA, the organization that grants the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) accreditation and makes the CISA test, distributes an authority CISA study control. Nonetheless, two well-known options are likewise accessible, and every one of these three choices has its upsides and downsides. These alternatives include:

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1. ISACA’s Official CISA Review Manual (CRM)

The CISA Review Manual is the most authority of the CISA books accessible. ISACA distributes this authoritative manual for the CISA test and updates it at whatever point they update the test. In this manner, you can purchase the printed or computerized variant of the CRM from ISACA, yet you can likewise discover it on Amazon.

Presently, the CRM costs $109 for ISACA individuals and $139 for non-individuals. Be that as it may, whatever the value, I think the CRM is a commendable venture since it manages the cost of such point-by-point data about the test. The CRM covers each subject the CISA test could test you on, so it’s a fundamental instrument for your examinations. Nonetheless, ISACA composes the CRM more like an instructional pamphlet than a showing guide, so the substance is dry and excessively specialized now and again. Subsequently, you’ll need to enhance the CRM with other CISA books or with a CISA audit course on the off chance that you need clarifications of the rudiments or more instances of the ideas.

2. CISA Study Guide

Another of the most famous CISA books is the CISA Study Guide. Sybex, a Wiley piece, distributes the CISA Study Guide, and David Cannon is the creator alongside Brian T. O’Hara and Allen Keele of CISA SuperReview. You’ll additionally discover this guide in advanced and printed designs.

The most recent version of the CISA Study Guide tends to the 2016 CISA test, so you might need to hold back to purchase this CISA book until the arrival of the release that covers the 2019 CISA test.

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3. Other CISA Books: Additional CISA Material

If you end up scrutinizing Amazon for CISA books, you should look at these determinations. They are not authority study guides, but instead, they can, in any case, assist you with obtaining the information you need to finish the CISA test.

  1. CISA Exam Secrets Study Guide – Mometrix Test Preparation. 160 pages.
  2. CISA Exam Flashcard Study System – Mometrix. Cheat sheets corresponding to their book.
  3. CISA Cert Guide – Pearson Hardcover. 576 pages.
  4. CISA Review Questions, Answers and Explanations eleventh Edition – ISACA.

The CISA test readiness materials I suggest are CISA SuperReview and Surgent CISA Review. As I would see it, CISA SuperReview is the only complete course, as it accompanies video addresses, practice questions, test reproductions, client service, and more at a tremendous cost. Different courses have their qualities and shortcomings. However, you actually can profit by getting them.

For instance, Surgent CISA Review doesn’t offer video addresses, so it is all the more a test bank. Notwithstanding, if you’re a semantic or consistent student, you might need to utilize this course as an enhancement to the CRM. With this blend of CISA study materials, you’d have all you require to finish the test.

You could also opt for the SPOTO CISA Exams Dumps for getting flying colors in the exam, as these books wouldn’t be enough for your preparation.

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Recommend CISA exam study materials:

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