Introduction to Information Security

Information Security is considered all about protecting information as well as information systems from unauthorized access, disclosure, usage or modification. Information Security ensures the privacy, truthfulness, and Availability of information. If an organization lacks security policies and appropriate security rules, its confidential information and data will be unsecure hence, putting the organization at great risk. To know which certification program is better, we would be looking forward to the certification programs and their scope in detail. Also, if you wish to make a career in the Information Security, you should check out the courses offered at the SPOTO Club, to ensure your success in boosting your career.

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

A Certified Ethical Hacker is a certificate which would be offered to the professional certificate, which validates the professionals having knowledge and understanding how to find out the vulnerabilities and weaknesses in targeted systems. This manner of assessing the security posture of a target system is totally legitimate as well as lawful. Individuals in the specific information security domain are considered to be trained by CEH credential certificates from a vendor-neutral side.


Ethical Hacking is an important and crucial component of risk assessment, auditing, as well as countering fraud. Ethical hacking is believed to be widely utilized as penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities as well as risk, and highlight loopholes to take preventive actions against attacks. However, there are also some limitations of ethical hacking. In some cases, ethical hacking is not enough to resolve the issue.

OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional)

OSCP, like CEH, also focuses on penetration testing or hacking. It is believed to be focused and useful certification and has become the standard for testing the penetration in the security domain. Existing vulnerabilities are identified as well as organized attacks would be executed by OSCP.

CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professionals)

The CISSP is considered to be quite extensive as well as a high-level certificate and considered to be far better than CEH as well as OSCP. It is one of the world’s premier cybersecurity certification. It has many advantages over the CEH and OSCP but dissemination testing/hacking is NOT the primary focus of the certification. ISC2 is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1988 but started operating in 1989. Information security standards throughout the globe are defined by this organization.


CISSP certified professionals are preferably hired to lead the organization to guarantee the highest data security level. Many jobs, nowadays, demand CISSP certification as one of the compulsory requirements. CISSP certified professionals are also hired by organizations like banks that need to ensure the security of their data from being hacked.

Advantages of CISSP 

1. The certification is counted as qualify for the highest level of IT certification when working with the US federal government. Federal IT certifications are going to have about three levels; these are the A+ being considered Tier 1, as well as the CISSP, being Tier 3.

2. When compared to CEH or OSCP, it covers a much wider range of topics. It covers Incident Handling, Incident Analysis, Penetration Testing Business Continuity, Risk Management, Asset Security, Security in Software Development, Security Operations, Access, and Identity Management.

In a Nutshell and Recommendations

Anyone looking to take Pen-Testing as a career, the OSCP should be the number 1 choice while anyone willing to pursue a career in Cybersecurity must have the CISSP as their target to be achieved. Certification is basically to complement one’s skills and experience.




Recommended for beginners


Requires former knowledge from CEH with less than 5 years’ experience


Requires 5 or more years’ experience

So, CISSP is considered to be the Winner! And hence lots of you would be attracted to it, and wish to achieve CISSP in a single attempt. This could be possible if you acquire the SPOTO Club’s CISSP Training Courses.

Last modified: March 26, 2020



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